Don't you think its incredibly rude when your dog starts barking at someone who's passing by?


I don’t get it. I hate people with dogs. I don’t want it to touch me. Come near me.. I’m always afraid its gonna like lick my feet or something. So whenever someone is walking on the side walk with a dog, I try to get far away.. I’ll go the road to avoid dogs. And then people make a face like I insulted their dog.

And then last night, I was walking in rather dark street and there awa a lady in her lawn with a little dog the little asshole was fenced in.. I didn’t see it because it was dark.. I just walked by and it started barking like hell. It made me jump and heartbeat all fast and shit.. I looked at its owner with a real disgusted look. wtf! teach it some manners otherwise.. throw it away. what a rude little animal.

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10 Responses to “Don't you think its incredibly rude when your dog starts barking at someone who's passing by?”

  1. ana says:

    Their dogs, that’s what they do…. bark. Maybe you got too close to the fence and the dog naturally became protective of its owner and home. Its actually rude of you to say such things about an animal that’s as loving and loyal as a dog.

  2. Spindrift says:

    Dogs are territorial, they bark, that’s innate, their nature. People have dogs. People love their dogs. You do not have to like them, but either you live in a cave somewhere or on a deserted island because dogs are everywhere and you just have to learn to accept that.

  3. BEV says:

    My dog was very well behaved but if I was out in the yard with her at night, she very often barked at people walking by; she was very protective of me, especially in the dark. She’d be lying at my feet and just jump right up and bark and scare the heck out of people. They would jump ten feet but then they’d laugh. I always apologized (although I thought it was hilarious) and they said "no, that’s okay". I’ve never seen such an extreme reaction. Most of us don’t throw our dogs away, even when they behave like…..dogs! I guess I’m the one that’s rude, not my dog.

  4. ihaveasexyhusband says:

    What ya going to do? Sit down with a rule book and teach it to it?

    Next time you see a dog and cross the road to avoid it and the owner looks at you in disgust, all you need to do is say that you are either terrified of dogs or that you have a severe allergy. They should understand.

    When there’s a dog around my children I say loudly that my children are frightened of dogs and could they keep them away. They normally bend over backwards to get their dogs away from us.


  5. tammy b says:

    Dogs are going to bark it is just their instinct to protect. BUT after the initial bark, an owner should get the dog to be quiet. I have a very friendly small dog and if I am out walking and I pass someone who is noticeably trying to keep their distance, I will reel my dog’s leash in very short so as not to make contact with them. I am not offended if someone doesn’t want my dog to lick their toes…and she will if allowed to. Sorry if you have come in contact with rude owners who don’t know how to heal their dogs. Some people really treat them like children and maybe they are offended when someone doesn’t like them…to bad for them…you just be who you are and screw what they think.

  6. Aporia says:

    All you have to do is step around, and most polite dog owners will walk aside. You can cut it out with the faces of disgust, because that is rude. You’re not insulting the dog (they don’t get insulted easily), you’re insulting the owner by presuming that they want you anywhere near their dog.

    I hate when people pet my animals when I’m out for a walk, and I am annoyed with people like you who act like I’m going to sic the dog on them deliberately.

  7. Capella Montreal says:

    It’s not like you can train a dog to not bark, that’s natural. You obviously have some kind of phobia of dogs, but that’s not their problem. Maybe you shouldn’t go walking by houses with dogs, go to the gym instead of an obvious place where there WILL be dogs. Aren’t you glad that dog was fenced in? Aren’t you glad people keep their dogs on leashes so they don’t lick you? I guarantee there aren’t any people who want their dogs to lick to touch you. So relax, and stop complaining on the internet.

  8. fizixx says:

    Well….first of all, you don’t like dogs, and that’s fine. I think you may even have a hyper reaction to them. So when the dog startled you, it did so a little more than it would most people. I’d say you should try and observe a little more tolerance maybe.

    Second…..I do agree with you that people that have dogs should be keenly aware of them in public. Keep them under control, keep them from barking incessantly, and so on.

    I like dogs, but am not crazy about them. I don’t like, or want them climbing all over me really. I don’t want the hair all over me and so on, but I put up with it if it comes my way. That said, I tend to dislike the smaller dogs. They are often more hyper than their larger counterparts, and I don’t like their ‘yappy’ personalities much. I tolerate it tho, but secretly wish the owners would have and wield some control of them. I think this dog thought you were encroaching on its yard and was letting you know that you were not welcome. He was in a fence……so other than the owner calming the dog down, I don’t think the owner really did anything wrong in that case.

    I guess I’m saying I see both sides of things here, and the best ‘suggestion’ is……try and learn to be more tolerant. Maybe you won’t be so blind-sided……maybe you can refrain from the unwarranted bad looks and so on.


  9. Julia S says:

    Owners should keep their dogs under control. If they bark excessively, it is rude and the owners should bring them in. However, you seem to have a heightened sensitivity (do you have a phobia of dogs?). I think your expectations to not be exposed to dogs are unreasonable. Remember that the dog thinks you’re threatening and endangering its owner. It would be like a car alarm going off if you accidentally bumped into a car.

  10. Ashiya says:

    Lol, this made me laugh, I like dogs from a distance but yes I have the same reaction to dogs as you do. So many people will say oh don’t worry "Rambo" wouldn’t hurt a fly as he’s charging towards me with his sharp teethe, :)) People consider their dogs as a member of their family, some even treat them better than their own children, lol! Dog owners are not going to understand your sentiments, sorry :p

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