Dogs off leash are mostly aggressive to my dog what can I do ?


I walk my Bloodhound onleash around my house and for some reason I seem to run into people walking their dogs offleash or pass by houses with people that don’t fence their dogs that are aggressive about 70% of the time. I don’t know what to do. I have had some scary experiences and I carry pepper spray but the dog owners I run into always say "don’t worry my dogs nice" and sure enough the dog gets close to mine and wants to get aggressive. I don’t want other dogs around mine because I don’t trust anyone anymore due to bad experiences. I threatened a guy tonight with a German Shepperd offleash and a pit onleash that he should keep his shepperd away from my dog or I would pepper spray it and he got aggressive and said he would let his pitbull lose and it got really ugly. I just don’t want my dog to get hurt or hurt another dog. I obey the law and I expect other people to but I’m realistic and know it’ll never be perfect. Anybody else have these problems and what have you done ?

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    3 Responses to “Dogs off leash are mostly aggressive to my dog what can I do ?”

    1. Kelly says:

      Whether or not you have a leash law in your area, people are responsible for their own dogs’ behavior. If you are threatened or injured by a dog, by all means, call the police. If you don’t want to rile up your neighbors by reporting them to the police prematurely, you might just try carrying a heavy walking stick with you when you walk your dog. Dogs won’t know what a can of pepper spray does, but they sure know that getting hit with a stick hurts. Just bash them over the head if they get too close.

    2. Randee DSC says:

      Walk your dog somewhere else.

      And is there even a leash law in your area? We don’t have one in my town.

    3. emily b says:

      Is it always the same dogs? I would try to find out where they live and call the police or animal control (As long as you actually do have a leash law in your town). The owners will get fined and trust me, nothing encourages people to be responsible pet owners like having to pay money for not doing it. If it’s not always the same dogs, then as sad as it is, you’ll probably have to find somewhere else to walk your dog.

      ADD: I’ve also seen these handheld things sold in pet stores that supposedly let off an ultra sonic sound when you push the button and repel dogs. I’ve never tried one but that might be worth trying. Just make sure you don’t use it too much because I’d imagine the sound will bother your dog as well.

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