Dogs keep breaking through fence…any ideas?


I recently moved in with my mom…I have a daschund and a corgi. The whole back yard is surrounded by a chain link fence. My mom likes to make things look quaint and natural. To hide the chain link she put up lattice and planted sunflowers for privacy, it looks great..there was a little gap between the gate and the fence before she put lattice up. Anyways one of my dogs figured out how to break through the lattice. Its obvious not a stable choice but it still looks nice. After that she bought these cute little wooden sectionals to put at the bottom of the lattice which still looks cute and even more so is about as tall as my dogs so they couldnt break through, or so I thought, someone broke through today. I doubt my mom will use any form of chemicals or invisible fencing, plus money is tight around here but I am tired of being lectured and yelled at even when i offer to pay to replace th lattice and the little fence…any ideas how to patch this weak spot but keep it looking cute the way she had it?

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5 Responses to “Dogs keep breaking through fence…any ideas?”

  1. Diggie D says:

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  2. Laura C says:

    It might take some time on your part..but put the dogs outside and stay out with them. If you see them approaching the spot, scold them, as you would if they were puppies and going to grab something or go someplace they shouldn’t in the house. I am assuming that with training, they can learn to stay away from that area. Unfortunately tho, I had a similar circumstance…and then someone was robbing my home while I was out with my dog.As we came home, my Dalmatian ran after him as he left thru the back yard, and although the robber went thru the fence gap, the dog sat at the hole and obeyed his training..and the robber got away! (figures, huh?)

  3. kalicat says:

    I had this problem and used wadded up barbed wire in the spots the dogs were going through. They quit after a couple of tries.

  4. says:

    well clearly ur gonna have to buy more barrier… matter if it looks nice or not or else ur backyard is gonna get messed up all the time!

  5. redbird250alex says:

    I think your dogs should be beaten to within one inch of their lives every time you see them go near that area. Beat them so badly they find it hard to walk. They surely won’t be able to dig. Better yet – get rid of them.

    That was a joke.
    Whatever you are using to replace what they have moved or broken, should be attached with heavy wire – like maybe a clothes hanger wire. Secure it on all sides. And maybe put some large rocks up against that section, on the other side so they are not visible to you. But I think the heavy wire will secure it well – as long as you do a good, thorough job.

    I’m sure they are conspiring with each other. One tells the other to do the dirty work while the second stands as a lookout.
    I’d swear my cats do it for each other and they have somehow convinced the dog it’s a good idea to do any damage as a group – that way, no one can be singled out.

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