Dogs????!!!!!! I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


So I live in the country lots of land and I have two dogs a vizsla mix and lab mix they are about 2 or 3 and they are extremely hyper. Lots of deer are in the fields and for the dogs to keep in the yard we have the electric fence and whenever the see a animal the alwYs go striaght thro the fence even if it shocks them and they don’t care. We put it on high and still they go thro I and it makes my mom mad. We dot want to put a dog fence up like a real one cuz it costs to much and we have a lot of land. How can I get my dogs to listen and not go chase other animals or go in the neighbors yard??? And we will call hen and they completely ignore us and my mom is getting to the point she doesn’t care cuz she’s so mad at it and frustrated. Please please please pleasenplease help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    5 Responses to “Dogs????!!!!!! I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

    1. ladystang says:

      training, exercise and supervision
      but sorry you will need to fence in a place for them for the electric fence to stop them before they get to fence.

    2. Frankie Pratt says:

      At home y have the electrified fence too so our dog goes throug, what whe theed is put too trous if electrified fences so she dosent go ttrought.

    3. samiah lowe says:

      teach them recall and get tie out leads until then

    4. Joan Rimer says:

      ok tell me what DOESN’T you dog like, mail me

    5. Rod says:

      Suggestion: Get a e-collar and work one dog at a time on deer, cows, chickens, etc. Whatever the dogs want to chase, let the dog chase for a bit and then hit the collar on high. Don’t say a word. Get the dog to associate the shock from the collar with the thing it was chasing.

      I have used this on coyotes, deer, cows, chickens. My dog now does not chase. Why chase things that cause pain?

      This is the ONLY time I use an e-collar on high.

      When the dog comes back to me, I just ask, "Did that cow shock you. That nasty cow." and we just keep walking.

      A few times of doing this training and this will correct most of this issue.

      Good luck.


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