Dogs!! Can't live with them or without them……What should I do?


my poodle destroyed my Terriers bed. Just ripped it up the other morning while we were making breakfast. (We know our Terrier didn’t do it because she was out with us in the kitchen the whole time.)

She needs a new bed but money is a little tight, should I just give her his bed to teach him a lesson. (Both of them had beds that were the same size but my Poodle rarely uses his)

Also he has always been an escape artist, what would you suggest we do about it.

From a young age he has figured out how to break out of every single crate we’ve gotten him, he has round was to unhook all the baby gate and get through.

We have a baby on the way and I can’t have him escaping confinement while we are sleeping or while I have him gated in another room while baby is on the floor for tummy time.

I thought about getting one of these:

But they have a bigger one at the store so I can keep an eye on him during the day while baby has tummy time.

But what can I do to keep him from getting out of his crate.

We’ve had those pet taxis, we’ve had those grow with me crates. He figures them all out
We don’t have any problems out of our Terrier.

Both have been trained, done classes. But we just have a very hyper poodle who is also a little houdini
We have to be careful when coming home when opening the door because we never know if he managed to get loose or not and we dont’ want him taking off.
Typically they get 3 long walks a day ( I have a Terrier all we do is exercise) But for the last week or so, walks are few and far between….Bad rainy stormy weather. So yes he is bored. We’ve done other exercising such as to exercise the mind but sadly its not enough for him. He needs his 3 long walks. But with all the flooded and the rain and the storms its not happening. Its been a very long Month.

As far as escaping, we have been dealing with this for 2 years and gone through 5 different crates.

We now let our terrier have free roam because she is trained, doesn’t destroy things, and doesn’t cause trouble no accidents either. she’s earned it.

Funny thing is she is younger than him, much larger but younger. He is still being crated because every time we leave and he isn’t crated he poops on the floor. We tried leaving him uncrated for awhile it didn’t work out

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8 Responses to “Dogs!! Can't live with them or without them……What should I do?”

  1. Rogue Bullies RIP Louie 10/5/09 says:

    Sounds like your dog is bored. Try exercising her more. Maybe even getting a tread mill for her. Get her lots of toys for her to chew on and to entertain her self. Get a wire crate for her she should be be able to get out of that. She is can get out of a air plane crate than she will be able to get out of that play pin. Also teach her to wait at the door so she does not run out.

  2. Kaper says:

    Ok, first, giving the dog bed to the other dog will not teach her a lesson. She will not understand why nor care.

    Poodles are one of the top intelligent breeds. They require something to occupy their sharp minds, or they will do it themselves (by escaping). Try teaching new tricks, do some short sets of obedience, even get involved in dogsports. Play games like hiding a stuffed Kong. It can be challenging.
    She also needs to be tired out physically. That is not a walk around the block or being let out in a fenced in backyard, that is not exercise.
    A long walk, or a run, frisbee, swimming, what ever. That needs to be done everyday.
    Proper exercise will go a LONG way.

    As for the crate, figure out how she is doing it. Then fix the problem. You could always video her.

    ETA- I got the he/she confused. I was referring to the Poodle.

  3. Dogluver25 says:

    Well, congratulations are due for you and your soon to be bigger family! So, the main problem is that he escapes out of his crate, is that right? This seem like a simple answer, but why not put the crate, with the little clever poodle in the laundry room and keep the door closed? Maybe put a lock on the crate? That would be my only thought…that’s a tough one for sure! You’re going to have to keep him tied up, securely while the baby is on the floor.

    Also, with the bed destruction, he won’t learn a lesson if you give his bed away. he already forgot that he did that : )

    Edit: If you want to buy another bed for your poodle, try one that will be super chew and tear resistant so that you won’t have to make another purchase again soon after. This page reviews some of the top chew resistant dog beds if you are interested:

    Best of luck to you and your family!

  4. jackie says:

    I’d take he dog for lots of walks… exersise… give kong toys when gone and use a crate, a tired and busy dog is a happy dog. I’d get a trainer to come and assess the siuation.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Well first of all I wouldn’t be paying out that sort of money for that dog pen if he can get out of a crate – cause I don’t think it would take him long to get out of that either.

    There just has to be a crate strong enough for him not to get out of, but I’m not sure which.

  6. hd112596 says:

    Wire crates are best for escape artists. Get one with the double lock. Walmart has them for about $50 or go on Craigslist and watch for them.

    Also, he sounds bored. Are they getting regular exercise in the way of a walk? If not, that’s step 1 to a better dog.

  7. BIRDEE says:

    Your little dear Poodle is Jealous. It is only going to get worse when the baby comes. Get a lartravel kennel for him. Not as a punishment but to

  8. papaw says:

    Sounds like your Poodle needs some house training. Also, since the poodle does this while you’re not home, I recommend crate training for both the dogs, For your peace of mind, – and theirs!

    Crate training is very essential to housebreaking a dog. Training your dog for the crate is very beneficial for your dog and for you. It’s a safe and comfortable space for your dog, actually it is less stressful for your dog. It gives your dog a space of his own so he can relax and give you a little time to relax too, knowing that he is safe and comfortable.
    For your and your dog’s future happiness, you need to crate train the dog, This will allow him to self train his bladder and bowels, to hold for more extended times if and when you can’t be there or can’t walk him
    By instinct a dog doesn’t like to soil it’s bedding (den) area, so instinctively it will self train to wait longer and longer periods of time before it potties, just to prevent soiling. This helps the dog learn to get through the night without pottying, and allows you some freedom if you need to be gone or are at work/school.
    Put a blanket, or cushion in the crate for the dog to lay on. Simply walk your pup before you put it in the crate(Cage) and slowly over a few weeks or months extend the lengths of time you leave it in the crate. Walk it immediately upon release and offer treats for a job well done. Eventually the pup can stay all night without needing to potty, and it causes the dog no pain or discomfort because it is training itself to wait.
    It’s quite simple if you are patient, and realize it won’t learn control overnight.

    Training your dog for the crate is very beneficial for your dog and for you. It’s a safe and comfortable space for your dog, actually it is less stressful for your dog. It gives your dog a space of his own so he can relax and give you a little time to relax too, knowing that he is safe and comfortable.
    When training your dog, you should never force it, gradually introduce your dog to the crate and let him know it’s not punishment or a way to seclude him. It’s a place to keep him safe when you are not home, as well a place of his own. It’s very beneficial for when your dog has surgery or you need to travel.
    Crate training dogs isn’t a form of cruelty, even though some people might view it that way. This is a very important step for your dog to learn. When done properly, it provides safety and someplace comfortable for him to retreat to and is a very valuable training tool. Training is most favored when in your dog is young, but isn’t necessary.
    Crate training dogs can be done in many ways and styles, but the most important thing to remember is to always us positive reinforcement. You can start by introducing your dog to the crate by saying to him "kennel" and let him get into the crate on his own, never push. The goal here is to have him feel comfortable. You can try and put treats in the crate, and placing a soft blanket in the crate also. Speak to him in a happy voice, keep it positive.
    When he feels comfortable and gets used to entering the crate on his own, you can put his food dish inside close to the opening, and in time gradually place the dish further in the crate, and eventually you can close the door while he eats. At this time you will be able to have him stay in the crate in short periods of time while you are home, and longer periods of time alone.
    Make sure you put him in the crate about 15 to 20 minutes before you leave, and to have him also in the crate when you are home. This will keep him from thinking that by going into the crate, that you are leaving him, which can cause anxiety.
    For keeping your dog from feeling isolated at night, you can place his crate in your bedroom or just outside your door. And then when he starts to sleep through the night, and this does not cause anxiety or any problems, you can put the crate in the spot you want. Don’t worry if this takes a little time, every dog is different and learn at their own pace.
    So using a crate for your dog is a great way to strengthen your relationship and to let your dog feel comfortable and safe. And safe and happy is what is most important.

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