Dogs afraid to go outside after invisible fence


I had an invisible fence installed 3 days ago. It only beeps now on the dogs collers. None of my dogs want to play outside any more. Even when i’m out with them. What can i do so they aren’t afraid? I have 2 american pit bulls and a cocker spaniel.
I will try the treats on their next time out. Thanks
I just took the 3 of them out w/their favorate treats. I was able to get them in the yard and they did wonder around some. My female (2 yr old Pit Bull) only stayed for about 5 mins then went back to the deck and wouldn’t come back down for treats.

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2 Responses to “Dogs afraid to go outside after invisible fence”

  1. Nick B says:

    I am a pet behaviorist and if your dogs are afraid to go out since you have installed the fence you need to coax them outside with a treat or favorite toy. Then you should play with your dogs outside well inside their area. All this time you should be patient with them. If they are still afraid of going outside you should actually go and SEE a behaviorist and describe what is going on and see if he can help you anymore.

  2. Sydney says:

    everyday well almost every day go out with ur dogs and bring a treat out with u to and say its okay to ur dog and if ur dog comes closer to the area pat him/her on the head.

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