Dog obsessively barks at neighbors!!!?


When my dog was a puppy, he was caught off gaurd by the neighbor’s dogs. They are unsocialized, untrained, and mean little dogs. They run to the fence and if anyone is in our yard they try to bite us through the fence. One day this happened to my dog when he was walking by. It scared him so badly that he ran away and wouldn’t come to anyone. Ever since then, he is obsessed with barking at them. He immediately runs to the fence and barks nonstop at them. He can see them through their sliding glass door. They bark back. We always try to stop him, but they do nothing. Now, if I open the back door to yell "no", he stops barking and waits for me to close the door, then starts again. If I come outside, he runs away from me and waits for me to go back in and starts again. I can’t correct him, because he stops every time I open the door to go out there. Now, he knows when I am upset at him for barking and he WILL NOT come in, or near me. I don’t know what to do! He will just bark bark bark all day at them! And now thats the main reason he wants to go out, to go to that side of the yard, and bark. What can I do??
No, he is not an outdoor dog.

I did try yelling at him from the window, he doesn’t care. It’s just when I come outside, or open the door to come out when he stops. Because he knows I am going to come and get him.

Now he does not want me to come and get him, so he just runs away from me. This is particularly a problemm when I am trying to leave for work!

I have taken him out on a leash before. I just don’t want to have to do that forever…we have a huge backyard and I wish he’d play in it. But all he does is bark at the neighbors dogs. 🙁

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  1. wishnuwelltoo says:

    We have the same problem where we live. Well we don’t allow our dogs outside without being supervised. We spent thousands of dollars on privacy fence, and fenced over our existing fence. That helped a lot. I also found that a stun gun is magic. You don’t actually have to taz the dog, just set if off and the noise of the stun gun sends my neighbors dogs running away. I had asked my neighbors to keep their dogs on their property, they wouldn’t. I called the sheriffs office several times after being attacked by neighbors dogs, they didn’t help. Finally we got stun guns and they are just the most magical things. I can go to the mail box, take the trash out, pick tomatoes from the garden without being attacked now. I just set that stun gun off, and suddenly the nasty neighbors remember their dogs names, and where they live, and suddenly the dogs magically stop barking.

  2. Tamara D says:

    Can you talk with your neighbors and maybe have your dogs meet in an area away from both yards?This will be difficult if you can’t work it out with the neighbors.Maybe have all the dogs on leashes and bring them into each others yards.[ Dogs can be very protective of their own yard].Then maybe your neighbor will get the message that their dogs are behaving badly. Go outside with your dog and when he’s being quiet give him a treat.Maybe feed all the dogs a treat at the fence and they will stop barking so much.Just a few differnet options. The Dog Whisperer is such a great show for training,have you watched it? Good luck !

  3. coax_me_cajole_me says:

    Start yelling at him while standing in the window, if he doesn’t stop tap the glass and make sure he looks at you. Once he realizes you can see him from inside it might be a different story. My dog has had rocks thrown at him by neighbor kids and he barks like mad whenever there’s someone walking near, normaly I’ll yell out "Chance" and he’ll stop for a second then start again, but once i yell out really loudly "HEY!!" he’ll stop, even from my room in the front of the house in the basement when he’s in the back yard. Try going out with him also, and have him on a leash, hold him away from the fence and if he barks tell him to stop, if he doesn’t then take him back inside after he goes to the bathroom and try again later.

  4. Wobbily says:

    Get a bark collar! He will learn really fast!

    If you can save up the money it would be worth it to get a privacy fence.

  5. M.P. We did it!! Prop 2 passed!! says:

    What!? Is he left outside all day? Dogs aren’t meant to be left in the Backyard. All dogs should live inside. If he is an inside dog, Then when its potty time put him on a leash and let him use the bathroom, Then let him back in. It will solve everything.

  6. Bob says:

    With respect, I suggest you read a couple of books, or watch some videos on raising and training dogs. Watch for the trainer, Cesar Millan, who is known as "The Dog Whisperer" who also has a TV show on the National Geographic Channel. There is another program, "It’s Me or the Dog," with Victoria Stillwell, on Animal Planet. These are only two of a growing number of programs on TV that teach how to train dogs. They are all excellent and often deal with the issues you raise here. Good luck!

  7. bryan_closa says:

    it’s unstoppable dude…..

    it’s like rivalry on the terf….

    most like that

  8. 4-H Girl says:

    Let them play!

  9. Chrys says:


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