Dog loves digging the carpet- what to do?


Our dog is a natural digger, he digs under our fence, he digs random holes in the backyard, and now he’s been digging at our carpeting. So far no damage since he’s been picking totally random places each time, but I’m sure the carpet can’t hold up to his big paws going at it every day.

I know more than likely this is just due to boredom which unfortuantely we can’t really do much about since my husband and I both work. Our dog has a large fenced yard and a dog door which is open 24/7, and we give him at least 2 half hour walks each day (we have dog boots, a dog coat, and reflectors to stay warm and safe during freezing morning walks) and try to play with him as much as we can. We follow Cesar Milan’s guidance as much as humanly possible, but we can’t find a way to stop him from carpet digging.

We’ve yelled at him digging in the yard when we catch him in the act, but otherwise we can’t punish him for something he did several hours ago. The ground has been frozen outside lately so maybe he’s just digging at the carpet since he can’t get anywhere in the backyard. Either way, we’d like to find a way to stop it… anyone have this problem or have suggestions? Unfortunately hiring a dog walker and/or sending him to doggie day care aren’t really financially feasible options for us, hence why we bought a home with a fenced yard and installed a doggie door.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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6 Responses to “Dog loves digging the carpet- what to do?”

  1. Kelli says:

    Cut the dog’s nail short. Do it yourself or take the dog to a groomer if you’re uncomfortable doing it. Cut them as short as possible (without cutting them off or cutting them to the quick). The few I’ve had stop digging because of the discomfort it causes when the nails are that short.

  2. Joe L says:

    Putting him in a crate as ‘punishment’ is absolutely THE worst thing to do, I can’t believe someone suggested that. That is the easiest way to create an aggressive mean dog.

    And clearly you walk him twice a day, that’s 2 times more than most owners so you are on the right track. I’d like to see that person go out in 10 degree temperatures two times a day for at least a full hour and walk their dog around.

    Get the dog some boredom toys, just search ‘bored dog toy’ on google and plenty of options will come up. You’ll feel better leaving your dog knowing he’s having fun playing instead of sleeping or looking for trouble. You know the cause and you’re working towards a solution, you just need some more help and more ideas. I think the boredom dog toys are your answer!

  3. chrombutterfly says:

    food toys i would say are your best hope….something that releases food intermittently or that you can place treats in….that would help to distract him…also make sure he only got them when you left so they are extra fun…..any toys that he really likes that he only gets when you leave will help to at least decrease the problem but i don’t know if it will go away unless you confine him so that he cant get at the carpet at all

  4. Sammy Gabbie LOVE raw meat! says:

    This dog isn’t getting the exercise or supervision he needs when outside. Be outside with the dog when he’s outside, and run his butt off. I’m not a fan of dog doors. I don’t see where not being able to afford doggy day care or dog walkers means one has to have a home with a yard and doggie door. Our yard isn’t fenced, and I take my dogs running, romp around with them, etc and tire them out. I’m not a fan of having dogs outside without supervision. This dog needs a lot more exercise than 2 short walks a day.

    As for carpet digging. Crate him when you can’t supervise him.

  5. The King says:

    Have a cage put him there as punishment and make sure he knows thats the tumout cage.
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  6. Jessie says:

    My dog likes to dig the carpets too, but I trained her to dig on her dogbeds instead. Maybe that will work for you, too.

    She does eventually damage the beds, but I’d rather replace dogbed covers than the carpets!

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