Dog LOvers, I need a halter or collar or something to stop dog from jumping fence?


I have a large chocolate lab who can jump my 4 foot fence. I am looking for a halter of some sort, if one exists, that I can put on him to keep him from jumping the fence. He is very protective and if any strangers come around he jumps the fence and chases the car. I am afraid someone will eventually shoot him or hurt him. Any thing you can give me would be great. Thanks

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7 Responses to “Dog LOvers, I need a halter or collar or something to stop dog from jumping fence?”

  1. birdgirl says:

    sounds like you need to make your fence higher.

  2. MANDYLBH says:

    if it is legal in your area you could put a fence charger up. He will hit is once or twice and when he gets a jolt (not enough to hurt just to get his attention) he will stop.
    Good luck,.

  3. says:

    they make a no jump harness that is intended to teach them not to jump on people but will keep them from being able to jump a fence. look on for no jump harnesses

  4. sillygoose says:

    I HAD TO REINSTALL 5000. WORTH OF 5 FOOT CHAIN LINK ! THERE is something called a no jump halter i have seen at the pet store. good luck

  5. Norskeyenta says:

    Invest in a shock collar. Then make sure you are there using it appropriately. Everytime he goes near the fence with going over , on his mind, then give him a zap. Train him well and also purchase yourself a video on training of you dog. It is great Leerburg Video’s. Get a shock collar and zap his a–. off.

  6. dave b says:

    If you put a collar on him it could get caught on fence & choke him. may need a higher fence.

  7. BlackLabLover says:

    Check out Pets Mart’s website. They have just what you’re looking for! They have this halter that is made to prevent dogs from jumping. It looks basically like a regular halter, but it has a back part of it, that goes around the dog’s back legs. When they try to jump, they can’t, because it restricts their moment. Doesn’t hurt them, just makes them unable to jump. Give it a go.

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