Dog Gate Fail


I bought this gate recently and every time I came home he was in the living room, so I set up the camera to find out what was going on.

One Response to “Dog Gate Fail”

  1. fransowders says:

    OMG! Yup, my ig was a climber & went up 2 stacked baby gates, just like a squirel up a tree (and that was at 9 wks old). He is an itty bitty at 2 yrs/6.69lbs,he would be thru those bars in a sec, They are VERY smart & WILL find a way. Crating was the only option for us. He is in a very lrg crate now (and loves it) with a cooshie bed, blanket, toys & piddle pad systm in the back for when we are gone for more than 4 hrs at a time. Wrks for us. Good luck! they are just the cutest little guys.

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