Dog can get through the fence!?


Ok so my small dog (10lbs) can apperently squeeze through the opening (like 3 inches) where the gate of the fence is. Its a chain link fence. I didn’t know he could do this until we were outside playing earlier and he goes over by the door (which is also where the gate is) and I hear the gate rattle, then all of a sudden my dog is running towards the road. This all happened in like less than 30 second, I swear I was so scared! We don’t live on a busy road, but still! Now I won’t let my little guy off leash out back, but I need to come up with a way to make it so he can’t slip through that opening, because it’s not like I can get rid of the gate, any ideas?

Just a note, my dogs don’t go outside by themselves, so please don’t tell me to supervise my dogs, I was!
Also, my dog is fine, he came back when I started calling for him and walking away (you can’t chase my dog because then he just thinks its a game, but if you walk away he will follow you – go figure!)
Can’t do chicken wire because I have to be able to use the gate (at least in the winter)
Vet Tech – I think I know what you’re talking about, good idea! Keep ’em coming!

Ashley Ryan – there aren’t holes in the fence, it is a gap where the gate is in the fence.

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5 Responses to “Dog can get through the fence!?”

  1. Rescue Mom says:

    Try a panel or picket wide enough to cover the opening but put brakets or hinges on the back. Attach it to the stationary side of the fence and swing it over the hole (maybe a latch to hold it in place). That way when you want to go in and out the panel swings to the side allowing you access to the gate. Might work? BOL!

  2. Socion says:

    Make or buy wooden stake(s) wide enough to fill the gap (and as tall as necessary), and tap them into the ground.

  3. Jennifer K says:

    This sort of thing is the ONLY reason an invisible fence should be used.

    I hate the things, but I do recommend them as a SECOND fence (not as a primary fence) to keep a dog who escapes away from the fence completely. It is a simple solution to the problem, as long as you keep the batteries fresh.

  4. ashley ryan says:

    gotta patch up the fence! it’s a bit of work, but it’s worth it in the long run, dogs can get hurt fast on the road :/

    summon the chicken wire!

  5. Vet Tech says:

    Time for some chicken wire!!!

    ADD: Ok then! Time to get creative!! Can you construct a 3-sided (box-like) figure to put infront of the gate to prevent your little one from getting to the gate? You can make the make-shift fence tall enough to keep your small dog from being able to jump but short enough where you can step over it to access the gate. Is this confusing, or do you know what I mean?? Kind of like a 3 sided ‘little’ fence you can box your gate in with.

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