Dog attack! Need help!?


Last week my cousin lost one of her dogs, a teacup chihuahua. Come to find out the neighbor brought him back over that evening half eaten. Apparently the neighbors dog broke thru part of the fence and snatched my cousins little dog right up and killed him. What I want to know is can my cousin do anything to the neighbor?? She told me her dog is mean and always trying to bite the kids thru the fence. My cousin has a pit, super mellow dog, and the sister of the dog that was killed. She is inconsolable right now and the neighbor has been rude ever since. They even went as far as watching the family bury the dog without any remorse at all.
I need to clear something up, the pit is a seperate dog from the incident. She is a great good natured dog that we would never put in any situation. The sister dog is another teacup chi. I just added her because I’m trying to let people know that the pit had absolutly nothing to do with it at all. Kinda comparing since so many people think pits are bad.
One more thing, my cousins dog was in her own backyard, the neighbors dog grabbed her dog thru the fence.

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21 Responses to “Dog attack! Need help!?”

  1. Weimaraner Mom says:

    If the chihauhau wandered off leash onto their yard and their dog attacked and killed it then probably not. what you can try to do is report the attack to animal control and file a report.

    I’m sorry for your cousin’s loss, that’s why I’m a big advocate of leash laws and not allowing a dog out unsupervised.

  2. Swamp Poodles *TAS* says:

    Based on your description, it sounds as if your cousin’s chihuahua was out of her own yard, and obviously not superivsed- sounds like your cousin may be out of luck.

  3. bluebonnetgranny says:

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine, who is no longer with us. The neighbors Pitt Bull tore through a chain link fence & killed her little minature Poodle & went home. Another neighbor saw it happen. They called animal control & they sited the owner of the Pitt but nothing happened to it cause my friend did not file charges. She was afraid of the owner of the Pitt & didn’t want to agravate their already strained relationship. The neighbors with the Pitt were gang members & my friend feared repercussions on herself & her property.

    Be careful how you handle this situation, your neighbor will still be there after all is said & done.

    I do believe that they can have their dog taken away but it depends on your county or city animal control rules & regs.

  4. annie v says:

    yes, you can call animal control and they will have a sheriff come down to take the dog away. You could sue also, but it will be hard and you probably wont get anything out of it.

  5. Lisa A says:

    Call the police and file a complaint.

  6. Red Rose says:

    Definitely call the police or animal control and report the dog as being vicious. You can go to small claims court and sue for the value of the dog.

  7. fishmom says:

    Your cousin needs to call the police and report this. Most dogs don’t understand that a dog that tiny is actually a dog, so I would always be careful. Also, I have small dogs and do not leave them outside unattended because even a hawk can get them.

    Whose dog is mean and trying to bite kids through the fence–your cousin’s dog or the other one? I’d report the neighbor because their dog killed another one and because it sounds like it’s aggressive toward children. If it’s already broken through the fence once, and is aggressive toward kids, it’s only a matter of time before it hurts them, too.

    I’m sorry about the little dog.

  8. Dig It says:

    They should have done this before the dog was buried. If they had brought the dog to the vet to get an official cause of death and necropsy, they would have a better case. Photographs help too. It doesn’t sound like you have rock-solid proof that their dog did it- the neighbor just brought the dog over to your cousin. If their dog is contained and on a leash when not in the yard, then they aren’t doing anything wrong. If you had proof that it was them, they could probably sue for any damage to the fence and vet bills, but I dont think you have anything here.

  9. Kay T says:

    She can sue them, but watch out from the neighbors if she has a pit bull. They will try to make trouble for her if she sues. She should do something to strengthen the fence so this doesn’t happen again.
    Also, if the neighbor’s dog killed her dog, he may injure the children. She definitely needs a fence that dog can’t get through.

  10. rick j says:

    Notify the police or let him get away with it

  11. Messykatttt says:

    Awww…that’s awful!

    Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a whole lot to be done at this point, but I hope your cousin has learned a valuable lesson out of all this. I’m not trying to be mean, because that must have been horrifying, but owners should never leave pets outside unattended.

    And that goes double when it’s a tiny dog with a vicious one on the other side of the fence.

  12. caitie h says:

    sue them and have there dog put asleep

  13. That Guy says:

    I would file a police report…And if you are incinuating that your cousin has a pit and you can use that dog to retaliate that is moronic! My condolences and you should definately follow up with the local authorities as this dog sounds very dangerous!

  14. itsjstme2323 says:

    I’d say try and sue the neighbors for training their dog that way. Most pits are good natured if you train them thr right way. That was a wrong raising of their dog.

  15. Rabbit says:

    Your cousin can call the RSPCA and get them to sort out the vicious dog. It clearly shouldn’t be allowed around other animals and I’m sure humans wouldn’t be too safe in the company of a dog like that.

  16. Rochelle T says:

    first, huh? the dog that died is a teacup, but the sister is a pit? or is that two separate dogs? sorry, a little confusing.

    anyway,your cousin should call the aspca, or the humane society, even the police and report this incident.
    they may want to see the half eaten remains, and take pictures as evidence.
    they may ask for statements, and she may have to file a report with the police or the local spca.
    your cousin can also take them to court, and do a civil suit, but she will need police reports in any case, and proof that the dog did kill her dog.
    if there were any witnesses, this will be helpful. and pictures of the broken fence, etc.

    good luck to your cousin.

  17. Megan says:

    you can sew them because the dog was on her property and hers wasn’t on the mean dog property. if you sew they can put the dog to sleep and not et them own a dog ever again.

  18. Stixx says:

    The neighbour dog sounds vicious, I would report this to the RSPCA and Police and let them handle the situation.

  19. Sara says:

    You should definitly call the police or something. They might even take the dog away if they find that the owners aren’t taking the correct responsibility. Don’t "get revenge" by hurting the dog or family though.

  20. lmfao says:

    you can sue the other dogs owner and have then put the dog to sleep

  21. sabi b says:

    contact the rspca that would be the first thing. police wont become involved unless it attacks a person. the rspca should be able to do something. they will go and see the temperment of the dog and decide something from there.
    hope this help.
    sorry about the dog

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