Does wireless fencing work?


My son has 2 chihuahuas, one is 5 lbs and 1 is 15 lbs. He lives near a main street and both dogs love going outside, but his landlord will not let him put up a fence or bury a wire. Do the wireless ones work and are they safe?
The female is spayed and the male is neutered.
He would just like to be able to let them out to play, they love it outside.
The female (Bella) can slip any collar or harness you put on her, so putting her out on a lead is not an option.
Myra, it is a good fitting harness and has been fitted by her vet. She goes to end of lead and backs (squirms and wiggles) out of it.

We are talking about a WIRELESS one, not ones with wires you bury.
Moving is not an option. He and his wife live where it is convenient to both of them for their jobs. Plus their daughters school, etc.

I was just looking for opinions on the wireless fencing as an option for letting their dogs out to play.

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7 Responses to “Does wireless fencing work?”

  1. ScottieDog says:

    I would not trust it, especially with a busy street nearby. A transmitter attached to the dog’s collar allows the fence to work (collar transmits a deterrent that makes the dog not cross the border) and if one dog slips collars the system will not be successful. Also, since these are smaller dogs, you can’t prevent a larger dog from entering the property and injuring the dog(s). Some dogs ignore the deterrent and will leave the fence boundaries. I know with my breed, they would need to be shocked unconscious to not go after a squirrel.

    The best bet is to find an off-leash dog park with a specific area for small breeds and take the dogs to the park a few times a week. Good luck.

  2. Myra says:

    Wireless means buried and dog wears collar. On some dogs this won’t even slow them down and it will not stop dogs on the outside from crossing it. How does she manage to slip out of a halter? Get a better fitting one. If that won’t work he could go to a park or move.

  3. J Alves says:

    You have to follow the instructions to the letter…walking the dogs on a leash around the perimeter of the fencing for at least a week so that they learn where the boundary is…and you must leave the collars on anytime that they are out. That said, they are not safe in certain situations–any other dog can come into your yard and bite your dog so you must stay out with the dog You have the same problem with any human who wants to take your dog so you need to stay outside with the dog.

    If It were me I’d find a dog park or a neighbor who would let me use their fenced yard–I had one who would let me use her yard if I picked up all the dog poop–her dogs and mine. I thought it was worth it.

    If you have unneutered/unspayed dogs it does NOT work–your dog will leave or another dog will get in if they smell the opposite sex ready to mate.

  4. Tugger says:

    The wireless ones go under the ground. Wireless only means you can’t see it.

  5. Ali cia says:

    I had one of those for my Rotti, and to be honest she just would go right past it… with your son living in a busy area I would say it is a bad idea because anything can happen. Either use a leash or give a yard stake and set them up on a runner in the yard so they have their designated areas where you know they will be ok.

  6. Nekkid Truth! says:

    I wouldnt rely on such a thing, expecially not near a busy road.

    a leash works better.

  7. Not what you want to hear says:

    Electric fences generally don’t work. You run the risk of emotionally/psychologically scarring the dogs (one of my parents’ dogs is really sensitive, and when he first encountered their e-fence, he refused to go into the yard for weeks), injuring the dogs, and if you have dogs that have a high prey-drive, the dogs will readily run through the barrier. Just tell your son to keep the dogs on-leash when they’re outside.

    (so all-in-all, they’re not safe, and they don’t work).

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