does the invisible fence work?


i was thinking about getting it for a headstrong and stubborn bull terrier. i was wondering if it really works and how much it costs? and if there should be any precautions in using it? thank you!

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    1. Kate Jarvis says:

      if an invisible fence is like basically a shockk collar then i am completely against it. shock collars are just for people too lazy to actually train their dogs. im sorry, but come on; thats borderline animal abuse. would you like to be zapped on the frickin neck whenever you go somewhere you’re not supposed to go? thats what i thought…

    2. Brian says:

      They work but you must spend the time to train your dog to the boundaries of the fence. It takes a lot of time and effort to train a dog with the fence. The salesman won’t tell you that though. You could actually train your dog to the same boundary without buying the fence btw.

    3. madman says:

      yeah they do. precautions depend on how much obiedence you want

    4. Autumn says:

      Dogs will run through and take the hit if they see something outside the invisible fence line. They’re not keen to take another hit to get back into your yard though. Also it won’t keep other dogs out and won’t prevent your dog from being stolen.

      The only time I would use one is if my dogs were diggers and were trying to get under a regular fence to escape. I would use an invisible fence just inside the fence line to disuade them from digging.

    5. Tyler Forrester says:

      Well, I think there are little points along the perimeter of your yard and they emit a signal to the next one. In-closing your lawn in an "invisible" shield and the dog wears a collar that tells them when they have passed the line. ( I think it’s a small shock) Im not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

    6. Maria says:

      yes it does I have one for my border collie and she learned not to go out of our yard.My border collie is very stubborn she chases the cat all the time until we got the fence we had to walk her around the yard every day until she knew were she can have to be careful not to put the setting to high or they will get hurt badly don’t put it over 6 it cost around 104 dollars depends on the brand.

    7. Borders Rock says:

      I am the proud owner of 5 dogs and I use the Invisible Fence (brand name – not the cheap "knock offs") for my dogs.
      I am on a rural property (12 acres) but only about 1.5 acres is "fenced" off for them to run free. The other acreage they get to play in when we take them out in the field.
      This is the 2nd property on which we have installed the Invisible Fence and we have had GREAT SUCCESS with it. The first was on a river and we didn’t want them going into the water.
      Are there precautions – ABSOLUTELY!!! Is there training involved – ABSOLUTELY.

      As someone mentioned, if the dog SHOULD cross through, they will NOT come back because they don’t want to get "zapped" again and it will not stop other animals from coming onto your property. Nor will it deter people from trying to steal the dog.

      The original "Invisible Fence" (trademarked) is set up as follows:
      1) You have the option of purchasing the equipment and setting it up yourself – or you can pay a little extra and have them install it. I would personally go with having them install it.
      2) The receiver is set up to give a warning "beep" as the dog approaches the perimiter. If the beep is ignored, the dog will get an electronic zap". The Invisible Fence company will set the strength of the "zap" based upon the breed and personality of your dog.
      3) It is advisable to have the perimiter for the beep to be set up about 10 feet from where they will get "zapped". It makes for a longer distance and they get more warning.
      4) The dog will need to be trained to the perimiter and the Invisible Fence personel will show you know to train.
      I LOVE THE SYSTEM….I will never be without it. My dogs (all 5 of them) stay away from the danger zone even if the batteries have gone dead. We don’t check them as often as we should and only really notice as they start inching too close to the perimiter.

      If you want more info, please e-mail me. I don’t know where you are located but I can put you in touch with my rep (he’s in Canada) and he can tell you who to contact.

      BTW – the fence is "portable" to an extent. If you move, uyou take the transmitter with you…all you need to do is new wiring. You don’t have to buy a new transmitter or collar.

      Good luck

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