Does anyone know of a puppy pen or rabbit pen that holds the shape you put it in?


I’m sick of the wire exercise pen I use for my rabbit! He pushes it around and it gets all mishapen. Does anyone know of a pen (preferably plastic) that will hold it’s shape?
@baby blue eyes: and what about outside? I like to give my rabbit outdoor playtime when it’s nice out. I need a real answer, thanks.
@Squirt he has a cage. It’s powder coated wire and plastic. He is NOT a chewer. He gnaws on the applewood sticks I put on his kebob toy and that’s about it. He’s not destructive like most rabbits because he gets a lot of exercise! He’s normally just in his cage to sleep/eat/poop.

And another detail: I’m not a new rabbit owner. I’ve owned them for years, I just want a link to a new X pen for my baby!

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3 Responses to “Does anyone know of a puppy pen or rabbit pen that holds the shape you put it in?”

  1. Squirt says:

    Get a cage that is NOT made of plastic. Rabbits will and do eat plastic. The cage that you need to get or Make needs to be sturdy. If the cage is made properly it will hold its shape. Mty cages all have been made and I have no problems with them.

  2. Baby Blue Eyes says:

    Yes: Your house. Just set it down and I guarantee it will not be able to get outside of a closed door or move the walls around!

  3. Cheyann says:

    You can make a base. Some of these pens have bases.

    You can also make a c&c cage. If you use connectors it will stay no the shape you put it. You will still want to use cable or zip ties to make it stronger.

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