Do you think it's rude for a customer to reach over the counter and just grab your pen without asking?


It’s one of my little pet peeves at work :-p

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43 Responses to “Do you think it's rude for a customer to reach over the counter and just grab your pen without asking?”

  1. anth08_88 says:

    yes a bit. Like there is this implied rule that the customer doesn’t cross the counter. because it is staff only. and when the customer does its kinda like abrupt because they are reaching over in the staff only area, and like can be intimidating.

    Hence why at work now we have extra pens and put it on teh counter.

  2. Aurora says:

    Kind of but what bugs me is when the customer reaches over and helps themselves to my hand sanitizer. That happened to me today and I was kind of pissed. I have to buy that myself the store doesn’t provide it and its not there for the customers. Next thing you know they’re going to be reaching under the counter and helping themselves to my drink. Someone said that it isn’t a big deal because they are the customer and your there to serve them. There is a line and the customers need to stop crossing it. We aren’t there to provide anything and everything they feel entitiled to. If it isn’t for sale, if its behind the counters then the customers should not touch it. Thats not for them!

  3. Michael S says:

    Yes, but the customer is always right. Keep your pen where the customer can’t grab it. Attach a pen to a chain so they can’t walk away with it. Or budget in free pens for customers and have your name printed on them as a kind of advertising. Raise the price of your products to cover the cost.

  4. Ava A says:

    Yes,but while working in customer service people are often rude.

    Sure the "customer is always right" but does that give them the right to be an a**h*** 🙂

  5. Ar J says:

    While it is rude, it may be a sign the customer is in need of a pen, and may be irritated with the lack of availability. Sometimes the customers go into one store and swipe a card, get a receipt and walk out, in others they have to sign it.

    If they realize they have to sign all of the sudden and don’t have a pen, it can be awkward, so they might grab a pen in the way you describe to try to assert themselves again.

  6. cc says:

    No, especially when the employee don’t provide a pen to sign the credit card receipt!

  7. 1hinata9 says:

    it goes to ways

    1)it was rude o him to do that he shoud of had manners and asked you
    2)he is the coustomer…and NEVER MIOND THATS JUST RUDE

  8. Amuna Pulamari says:

    Reaching is always rude, but in the customer service industry you are expected to put up with it.

  9. hot_ef says:

    No. Do you want them to buy stuff from you or what? Jeez. Chill out, it’s just a pen.

  10. cooperm2435 says:

    Just say "thank you" in the sort of you just grabbed that out of my hand thats very rude kinda tone

  11. Jen N says:

    Is the pen in plain view in a place where it would be understandable for a customer to think it was there for them? Then no, its not rude.

    If they are grabbing it out of your shirt pocket or out of your hand well then yes, of course that’s rude.

  12. Madison says:

    yeah i hate customers..but you should give him the pen.

  13. Zach U says:

    No, you are a control freak. It annoys me when they put their coins on the counter and expect you to pick them up, and then they get mad when you put their change back on the counter for them to pick up.

  14. jellybeanchick says:

    If it’s a place where customers need to sign things (receipts, estimates, etc) and there are no pens available, it’s going to happen. Since your job is to serve the customers, do them and yourself a favor and get a cup of pens to put out there.

    It is a rude thing to do, but it is also rude of a business to not provide pens.

  15. Army S says:

    Whoa! Of course that is rude! next time someone does that, say "excuse me" in a cold way. Maybe he/she will get the point.

  16. mjpsoxfan says:

    The customer is always right! Remember that, I’ve seen many a good worker forget that.

  17. David C says:

    Yes, it is very rude.

    The correct thing to do is ask permission to use the pen and let the person holding the pen hand it to you.

  18. Jennifer B says:

    Yes, why can’t people just ask for a pen. That counter or desk is your space, people need to keep their hands on their side.

  19. Cherrypie D says:

    yes because the guy shouldn’t do that.Why would he need a pen anyway? he should be like larry david and carry around a pen in his pocket

  20. Ken says:

    of course it’s rude!! Asking is considerate courteous and respectable

    Manners ppls!

  21. Marti C says:

    Yes. It’s rude. I don’t care if he/she is the customer or not. People should respect the people serving them. Ask!! How hard is it? You would be glad to hand him/her the pen. Just ask.

  22. ashdork07 says:

    depends if you were suppose to give them a pen then i dont think its as rude but its still kind of rude..haha

  23. Heisenberg says:

    yes. he may be the customer but, there’s no need to be rude.

  24. riddletruckergirl says:

    Yes, however, since you are the representative of the company, you should be on your toes and offering the pen so they don’t have to ask for it or grab it.

  25. Rachel C says:

    No i think it’s better for them to just take it if they need it than ask you and interupt whatever you’re doing.

  26. J B says:

    if you didnt offer heck yea

  27. musiclover021 says:

    yeah, kinda rude even if they are the customer.

  28. chris says:

    yeah… we all need our space

  29. heartbroken_x5 says:

    well depends
    what mood they were in
    I guess yes

  30. broken e says:

    Hell yeah.. i would ve punched him/ her in the face. seriously!!

  31. Travis Dralle says:

    well it depends were the pen is, i mean if its easily within reach and seems obviously out in the open then no…and i wouldnt see it as rude even so, maybe kind of odd, but using the word rude just seems snobby to me

  32. dewfivem says:

    It’s rude, but you can’t do anything about it because your job is to make him happy. I know what you’re going through because I go through it too.

  33. pamela d says:

    lf lt was only a pen then don`t worry about lt

  34. Jazzy Jem says:

    Stick a pen with a chain for the customer to use …problem solved!

  35. Chelsie.BaBy says:


  36. Kick-o Pik-o says:

    It’s a bit rude, yes. I suggest keeping your pens out of sight.

  37. Marlee says:

    No, it’s rude. But that’s what it’s like when you are dealing with the public. It builds patience and character (yours not theirs). The nicest most polite and helpful people you will ever meet in life have at one time either worked in retail, customer service, restaurants, police/fire or some other job where you have to deal with the public.

  38. Courtney says:

    I think it is. I am a clerk and when people do that I am like "Personal space!" =]

  39. nickelrustler says:

    yes..that is YOUR space and they need to respect that!

  40. Alfonso S says:

    yes it just unethical to do that.

  41. hansblix222 says:

    No. He’s the customer, you are there to serve him.

  42. Zonian1989 says:

    What is the situation?

    is it retail with the pens beside the register (for people to sign credit card reciepts ) then no.

    If the customer has to go out of his/her way (stretch to reach around, above) then yea

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