Do you think its my dogs fault?


My neighbors dog jumped the fence into my yard and my 4 dogs killed it! The neighbor says that my dogs are mean! I know they were mean to kill that dog, but they are really sweet with people they just can’t get along with other dogs! I think it was her dogs fault for coming into my yard! Now she wants to call animal control! Three of them are Chihuahuas and 1 Yellow Labrador. Her dog was a Chihuahua. What do you think?

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18 Responses to “Do you think its my dogs fault?”

  1. Queen of the Dachshunds says:

    what i want to know is how a Chihuahua jumed the fence in the first place.

  2. dogglebe says:

    How low is your fence that a chihuahua can jump it? Nine inches?

  3. apollo_godofsun says:

    I believe that it would be the neighbors fault. In my county it is the responsiblity of the pet owner to keep their dog restrained. I would let her call animal control, or call them first! It was your property and it is typical and natural for your dogs to protect their territory from an intruder.

  4. naomi says:

    I think its not ur dog’s fault…its ur neighbour’s dog’s fault….because what for ur neighbour’s dog did in ur yard…just let her call animal control…good luck for that!!!

  5. Jerry T says:

    She should call animal control so that the incident can be resolved by someone in authority instead of being an ongoing dispute between neighbors. Regardless of the outcome, the sad reality is your neighbor will have to live across the fence from four animals that killed a little dog she loved.

  6. rusteach says:

    If you ask about it. you are not sure yourself whether you are wright or wrong. I never understood people who had many animals at home. you may have some more problems with the dogs if they felt blood already. And it’s not the matter who is to blame. and you feel it/ that’s the matter that you are not sure in your dogs now. ))))) May your dogs not kill anybody else. Sorry, if you don’t like my answer, but I think so and tried to be frank

  7. bribri says:

    they were only doing what they are ‘trained’ to do… they are ‘trained’ to protect what is thiers.. now it is looked down upon when they killed the other dog and all.. and yes they can be put down for it… my friends dog attacked a man that opened his front door to see if he was at home and he was put down for it… srry life is cruel… hope things go well

  8. Tweek says:

    I think that would depend on whether your dogs were fenced in or not. It was her dogs fault for jumping the fence, however if your dogs were —— let’s say—on the front lawn without enclosure and they were not on a leash, you both may be liable,
    If your dogs were in a enclosure, then it is clearly the neighbors fault.
    All dogs must be able to be controlled at all times. That’s where the problem may come in on your part.

  9. torylocker says:

    Well I guess that other dog won’t be jumping the fence into your yard anymore.

  10. dreemcache says:

    That really sux, I agree its the other dogs fault, ur dogs were just protecting thier yard, I would call animal control and say she couldn’t control her dog, and also remind her that there are leash laws!!!

  11. darkchii66 says:

    well it was mostly her dogs fault. but i think its kinda ur fault that ur dogs KILLED it. u should train ur dogs asap!

  12. Anita says:

    No I don’t think it was your dogs fault. They were just protecting their territory.

  13. missme79 says:

    It sounds like the other dogs fault. Your dog was only protecting their territory. They can call animal control but it sounds like nothing could be done. as long as it was obviously in your yard.

  14. C K says:

    I think her dog shouldn’t have jumped the fence into your yard. Your 4 dogs are a pack and will exhibit pack behavior towards other animals entering their territory.

  15. Kelly V says:

    Its her fault well the dogs your not liable send flowers and express your sympathy

  16. torbaynewfs says:

    Let her call animal control. They will ask her why her dog was in your yard. It is not illegal for your dogs to be in your backyard. Many dogs will chase and bring down another dog that runs from them. They may not have meant to kill it.

  17. juicyfruitishandsome says:

    it’s not your fault and why did he let his dog jump the fence? his dog came onto private property (your yard) so don’t trip, let him call

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