Do you think a invisible fence is a good idea to keep dogs out of a pool?


They advertise this for pools, so I dont think they can be electicuted
I have a privecy fence arond the yard but I’m worried that when I’m at work my dogs will fall into the pool and not be able to get out.
Please somebody help me with a great idea

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16 Responses to “Do you think a invisible fence is a good idea to keep dogs out of a pool?”

  1. Larry V says:

    Yes, it can work very well. You would need to run the wire around the pool so your dog will not approach. The receiver collar is waterproof so if he happens to get in the water during training, there will be no harm to your dog or the collar.

    The key to an invisible fence is to properly train your dog. If you do the training properly, you will be successful in keeping your dog out of the pool, or any other area you desire.

    For more information, here is a good website:

  2. Enrique P says:

    yes but i would get a chain.

  3. whitewulf2001 says:

    why, can’t your dog swim? i think a regular fence would be better. then you don’t have to worry about kids going in there when they not suppose too either.

  4. tlctreecare says:

    Invisible fence does not alway work with every dog. With larger breed dogs ome of them will run thru the fence and take the shock of it to get what they see on the other side.
    I would not use it becasue one of the dogs I have trained will run thru that type of fencing.
    You would not want your dog to drowned in a pool so I would think solid fencing would be better.

  5. aussie says:

    No If the dog gets into the pool with the shock collar on it will short out and go into shock mode and not stop

  6. rockandroll58-79 says:

    I haven’t tried that one yet, it might work, try it.

  7. valkyries78 says:

    NO!! If a determined and let’s say stupid dog charges the pool, he will wind up on the outside of the invisible fence, and it will zap him every time he tries to leave the pool & get back on the right side of the fence! He’ll drown.

  8. Quasimodo1957 says:

    I’ve yet to see an electric fence work properly. Dogs are easy to break of bad habits. You just have to be extremely attentive. If the dog comes anywhere near the pool shout at it and chase him/her off. No whacking with a newspaper or anything like that. In fact….keep a rolled up paper or magazine handy. Every time the dog gets near the pool, whack the paper against your leg and shout at the dog. That "pop" sound and calling out his/her name will train it to stay clear.

    Good luck

  9. says:

    Well, my dog runs throught the "fence" and then lays down and cries. That means if your dog was like mine he or she would run into the pool and lay down.

  10. bublgumcuti123 says:

    no way. i had a dog, and we used an invisible fence to keep him from running into the lake in our backyard. But every time he got close to it, he would get shocked, he would yelp, and run. When we got rid of the fence for him, he had no mre hair where the collar had shocked him, and it never grew back. Jut make a fence.

  11. notfromaround_here says:

    no, because some dogs ignore the invisible fence line and go right past it… your pool will be their swimming hole

  12. Sam G says:

    yes because soon after they will learn and if they don’t then take it off.

  13. canine_advisor says:

    it is a great way to keep them out of the pool.

  14. experience says:

    It’s mean

  15. curiositycat says:

    Maybe. But they have to have the received on their collars for it to work, and if they override it and jump in the water, won’t they electrocute their furry butts?

  16. twoodshair says:

    it’s a law everywhere to have fence/gate around pool.
    keep the dog on the other side of fence/gate.
    they keep out more than people; like other people’s dogs.

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