Do you reccomend invisible fencing for Huskies?


My dog is a Husky/Golden Retreiver mix. He’s totally on the husky traits when it comes to energy, running, boredom and etc. Im thinking of getting an invisible fence for the yard so he can roam free when Im outside. Which do you reccomend?

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    9 Responses to “Do you reccomend invisible fencing for Huskies?”

    1. Cara says:

      While everyone here is saying get a real fence I say do the inground fence method. Petsafe is a good brand and the one I’m looking at getting. I have a year and a half old female husky who I just recently moved into a house witha big backyard and a 6th privacy fence for. And well guess what, she can jump the fence from the ground and clear it at the top without having any problems. I’ve tried the coyote roller method (look it up) and that didn’t work for her. We have nailed things to the fence that block her passage and that didnt work. I’m done spending 100s of dollars on this dog and nothing working. I have friends that have a husky and use the Petsafe inground fence for Stubborn Dogs. They have had no problem keeping their husky contained and I read online that it doesn’t feel like a shock, it’s more like a very strong grab.

    2. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says:

      I reccommend that you get a REAL fence

      The invisible fence will NOT contain a husky! A husky will take the zap, and get over the line to run off.. they just have too much of a drive for that type of fence.

      Invisible fences are nothing more than a correction tool for a dog that can be trained to be off-leash in an unfenced area. If you cannot trust your dog off-leash, then you cannot trust it with an invisible fence eithe.

    3. Zena Warrior Princess says:

      I do not recommend invisible fences for any dog breed. They do not prevent stray dogs and cats from wondering into your yard, they do not prevent someone from stealing your dog, and they do not prevent your dog from crossing the invisible fence if there’s something irresistable on the other side. In addition, if the battery on the collar goes out, you’re in big trouble. If/when your dog gets out, it could get lost, get in a fight with another dog, get taken to the pound, get stolen, get hit by a car, etc. Get a real fence.

    4. Evester says:

      please dont, i have a husky and she didnt care about the shocking, she still took off like a bat out of you know where! Plus she is a pro at jumping a gate.

    5. Om Nom nom! says:

      I don’t recommendthem for any dog.

      But ESPECIALLY not a husky! Your dog WILL run right through it given the right motivation.

      My mom had one and her border collie found a GAP. Yes a GAP she crawled through a bush and wouldn’t get zapped. For some reason it just didn’t work in that one spot.

    6. Didgets says:

      Okay fences are complicated when it comes to Hiskies.. a invisable fence, most dogs if they have the hunting trigger on, and start to chase something, they wont feel a thing when they run past it. A private fence, they will dig under it.. and wire fence, they will climb over.. Best thing to do, is bury the fence at least 2 feet underground.. Good luck.. lol

    7. ladystang says:

      wood privacy fence

    8. Pixie says:

      A invisable fence does not contain a husky.

    9. stayputdoggy says:

      I own a dog fence business. I have installed many fences for many breeds, including Huskies. A good quality underground fence will work – but only with proper training. I have never had a fence not work for a customer and the dog. They are a great, safe, worry free alternative to wood or chain-link fencing.

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