Do you leave your dog inside when you're gone? What can I do for my bored dog?


I have a puppy- still a pup I think- 9 months old. She’s a chihuahua/cocker spaniel mix we think. I am a teacher and am gone for about 4.5 hours, come home for a long lunch because of my prep, and am gone again for about 2 hours. I have a large pen (two exercise pens together) for her outside including her crate and toys.

No matter what toys I leave for her, she doesn’t play with them. She loves rawhide, but will only eat them in a person’s presence. Other than that, she just sits in her crate waiting.

I have thought about letting her stay in the house while I’m gone, but knowing her she’d poop and pee everywhere out of fear or boredom, or chew up everything. Yes, she’s completely potty trained, but it’s still a fear?

If your dog stays inside all day, how did you train them NOT to get in to anything?

Also, what can I do with toys for her? She likes treats in her Kong, but won’t touch it unless I can see her.

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13 Responses to “Do you leave your dog inside when you're gone? What can I do for my bored dog?”

  1. pupawheelie says:

    NEVER USE RAWHIDE! Besides that fact that most of it is processed with arsenic in Thailand(ARSENIC IN TENNIS BALLS TOO FOLKS!!) she could choke on it and die while you are at work, or eat it and not be able to poop it out and you will have a very expensive surgical removal. Forget the toys while you are not home or too busy to keep an eye on her. You have a toddler. Leave the radio on. Find the church channel where they talk quietly and play nice music. Dogs sleep while you are gone especially if inside. Perhaps if you want to leave her inside, get a doggy door, and fence her in the kitchen with access to the outdoors.

  2. gamergurl08 says:

    PetSmart! I work at a PetSmart hotel and we offer day camps. They have play time from 9am-5pm just drop her off and pick her up whenever. They will have a large play room to run around in with someone on constant watch. With it being a puppy she could go in for an individual play time ranging from 15min-1hr (your choice) and she can receive day care instead of an all day camp with the other dogs. They also get ice cream treats and snack kongs in their rooms at a little extra cost, but it’s not expensive.

    for day camp:

    for day care:

  3. catkeypurr says:

    You’ll never know how she’ll behave unless you try leaving her. You can get a baby gate to restrict her access to the whole house. If she doesn’t behave why not crate her indoors? Personally, I’d be very uncomfortable leaving a small dog outside.

  4. Jan says:

    First of all I wouldn’t put treats in a dogs kong it makes them fat.
    You can keep her inside (it might be safer). Do you have an area (like your kitchen) that you can block her in? Anywhere where there is no carpet. She may not play with her toys but leave them around for her. Also a bowl of water. I think she may relax more in the house because it smells familiar. You could also leave the radio or TV on for her to keep her company. Good luck

  5. Manderz says:

    i like the idea of getting her another dog or maybe a cat but what about getting her a radio. i know that sounds funny but like would that make her fell better yeah know just having a sound of some kind to help her fell less lonely?

  6. Pixie Pom says:

    This isn’t exactly what you asked but be careful what toys you leave her alone with all day. I had a dog that swallowed a whole rawhide once. It can be very dangerous. Maybe leave the radio or tv on for her. Might help some. Like someone else mentioned another dog or even a cat to play with. My dogs love my cat.

  7. islandhobbler says:

    on one of your days off start leaving him in the house for short times, one of those kong balls that you fill with a foam flavor or peanut butter will keep him busy give treats when you get back and praise when there is nothing wrong done., tv is great put it on a all cartoon station, the sounds and colors will attract their attention when they get board

  8. blondechick says:

    Leave the TV or the Radio on.

  9. larnie says:

    your puppy is just attached to you she will grow used to you going out and leaving her .

    no dont put her inside you will have world war 3! puppys are puppys and love to chew and rip when she is grown you can let her in but have a back door thing where the dog can go in and out

  10. Courtney says:

    Hide a Bunch of treats or meat in not so obvious places. It’ll take her a while to find them all!

  11. Kaleb P says:

    dogs that size usually like to play with rubber balls. like the dodgeball sized ones full of air. theyll chase it forever

  12. PsychGirl says:

    Get her another dog. Oddly enough, two dogs are really no more trouble than one, and they love to have a companion. I did it for my bichon, she has a friend, another bichon now, Male, and it’s been great!!

  13. Katelyn says:

    In my house we have a doggy door the leads to the backyard, so when we are out we just leave that doggy door open. usually we close the bedroom doors so that she can’t get in and play with anything, she does her Business outside and sleeps inside.

    We give her a chicken neck or a pigs ear so that she doesn’t get bored. My dog loves them both and she is a toy poodle so they both last awhile, we buys them both from Woolworth’s. We also keep her water bowel and Food bowel inside next to her doggy door in the shade, and her bed inside and a kennel outside with a couple of her favourite toys in it.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck. =)

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