Do you agree with the statement "no fence, no dog"?


I read a response on here that said if you don’t have a fenced in yard, you absolutely should not get a dog. How do you feel on the topic?
I’ll add my opinion later on as I’ve found stating it right away affects answers..just give your honest opinions, I’m not going to give best answer just because someone agrees with me.
Obviously there are people out there who agree with the statement seeing from all the TDs..I guess they don’t want to explain their point of view though. I’d be interested to hear it.
Anyway I agree with most of you that this is a sweeping generalization and people shouldn’t be so narrow-minded as long as owners can provide proper care for their dogs.
I don’t have a fence. My dogs are very young, VERY active breeds. They get two long walks everyday, at least an hour of free running/exploring time, and tons of play. They are very well behaved, socialized, and most importantly happy dogs.
Granted I’m lucky that I live in the country and have natural borders on three sides of my property, as well as extremely friendly neighbors, and no public road nearby..but those things don’t even really matter. My dogs are always supervised and never leave my yard. If I can’t be out with them, they get put on a pulley line which spans our entire front yard (the side w/o a natural border) to toilet.
Yes, I agree and understand not everyone can live in the country..I was just giving my own personal story. I know plenty of people in towns or complexes who give their dogs a great fence-less life. I also understand there are different dog laws everywhere. That actually helps the point that you can’t put any sort of generalization on things.

The person who inspired my question literally wrote that people have no right to own a dog if they don’t have a fenced yard, which I (and it appears many others) think is a ludacris statement. With that said, I would actually love to put up a fence when I have the money for it because I do feel it’s a very helpful tool. But I don’t agree that people without one can’t properly care for a dog.

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16 Responses to “Do you agree with the statement "no fence, no dog"?”

  1. PAUL w. J says:

    I don’t agree with the no fence,no dog thing ,but some of us don’t have the luxury of living in the country.Also you have to remember some counties have this type of law.In our case we have 4 Pit Bulls and i refuse to chain them up for any reason.They love to lay out in the yard for hours,and they also get walked twice a day.They get plenty of exercise .

  2. Not Afraid to Try New Things... says:

    I don’t think that statement is accurate… You can have dogs both large and small and still keep them happy and healthy, and not need a fence.

    Fences are great if you want to leave your dog out unattended. But unfortunately some dogs dig. Our mutt will dig when she can see you, and I can see her getting under a fence. Also some dogs will clear even a 7ft fence with ease. I think having a fence would be nice for when you wanted to be out in the yard with your dog, for grilling, relaxing, and just being outdoors with your dog. But I believe no do should be left unattended in a yard, with only a fence as a boundary, even in your yard there is still stuff for them to get into.

    My dogs get 2 walks daily, as well as some "run" time in either a farmers fenced in field (where we can see them and call them back), or on long training leads in a field near my apartment. Then they get lots of playtime inside and mental stimulation with training and what not.

    You can provide a dog with a HIGH quality life, with out a fence. I think some people just use a fence as a cop out for having to walk their dogs and what not.

  3. Rotten Rotts says:

    It is the law in my county to have a fence since I have those (evil dangerous)yeah right Rottweilers.
    I do agree that fenced in yards with dogs make better neighbors. I have enough poop to clean and really do not need my neighbors. Plus I live way out in the country and it dogs have a tendency to be wild critter food.

    But there are many people that think it is acceptable to leave the dogs in the yard forever. Dogs need exercise and to be socialized, they need to be walked and let inside to be family members.

    My dogs are my dogs and I keep them in my yard. Your dog is your dog so keep them in your yard

  4. S.f.y.s.d. says:

    nahh. a fence isn’t needed. if your planning on getting a dog you need to be willing to walk it anyway. dog park trips as well.

    a fence is often an excuse to not walk the dog. the owner thinks ‘oh well I have a fenced in yard. ill just leave him out there and I don’t have to walk him.’

    being in a yard all day bores a dog to death and makes him dig and bark. its like being in a fishbowl.

    they need walks and interaction with others

  5. 2Westies says:

    There are certain breeds of dogs that are hard wired to hunt vermin, small animals. I have terriers, that are obedient and for the most part really good with commands. But having said that I wouldn’t trust them for five minutes either off lease or in an unfenced yard. They’d see a squirrel and they’re off. I was at a husky rescue sled pulling exhibition several weeks ago and the introduction speaker did say that you can never own a husky without a fenced yard. So, with some breeds it’s not a question of training if they have a strong prey drive.

  6. dolly says:

    I know of some EXCELLENT pet owners who do not have a fenced yard but walk their dogs several times a day on a leash. I do not agree with "no fence no dog". Tons of good pet owners would not be able to have a dog if everyone thought that way!

  7. Katwala says:

    I disagree, a lot of great dog owners don’t have fenced yards for one reason or another.

    With that said, I would defend any organization (shelter or rescue group) or breeder to set their own set of rules for adoption/purchase. Back when I first started in dogs I lived on the second floor of a condo. The local humane society wouldn’t adopt an animal to me, but they would turn a dog over to me as a foster for rescue.

    Now I live on three (fenced) acres with lots of room to run and my dogs and I have all become "softer" because of it. They are no better or worse off because of the fence and acerage but the dynamic is indeed different.

    A fence does not define whether an owner is good or not.

  8. ~my~babies~momma~ says:

    I don’t agree with that at all. I think it all depends on the breed of the dog. I have a english bulldog and I don’t need a fence for her. When she goes outside to potty we put her on a leash and walk her. She plays in the house with my kids and other dog. I couldn’t just let her out in a fenced in yard anyway someone would steal her. I think that for a lot of breeds a fenced in yard would be best for them but to say NO FENCE, NO DOG is a little over board.

  9. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

    It depends – some breeds do like an area to run free of leash. However just because YOU don’t have a fenced yard doesn’t mean you can’t find a place to let the dog run.

    Proper exercise is important and believe it or not, a fenced in yard is not high on the list of "fun exercise" for most dogs. Mostly because it’s a familiar place with walls. Like a fishbowl. So walks are the most important thing for a dog of any breed – fenced in yards are just a plus for others!

    I own a medium energy dog and i don’t have a fenced in yard. We walk every day.

  10. julie d says:

    I think a fenced in yard is the best, but not necessary. Some people have laws where they live that no fences are allowed. Some people choose to put up a chain link kennel for the dog to potty in and get fresh air, Other people take their dog out on a leash to go potty and walk them regularly or go to a dog park. So, I believe it IS best, but not necessary. (Underground fencing is another alternative, but I really don’t like the idea)

  11. Labs Rule24 ♥'s puppies!! says:

    I do NOT AGREE!
    If you have no fence,they should be on a leash,or watched.

  12. <Raised on Promises> says:

    It all depends.

    My breed of choice is Italian Greyhounds, they are sight hounds, my personal belief is that sight hounds should ALWAYS have a fenced in yard.
    When/if they see a small animal or something they believe is fair game to chase they are gone, it is their natural instinct and very little can stop them. Once they go they have a one track mind and can often find themselves lost or injured (hit by car…etc).

    A fence is the safest way to prevent injury or death in sight hounds, even if you think they have perfected their recall command, I (and many responsible sight hound owners) would say "no fence, no dog".

  13. Kristen M says:

    nope it depends on your dogs we only have a fence on three sides and when i let my dogs out they stay in the yard we have even if they see other people or dogs. Im always out there with them i feel if they listen and you are positive they will not run its ok thats what i think. But my dogs listen and no neighbors have a problem because they kno our dogs listen, if u train a dog right there is no problem!

  14. Talltail says:

    I say it all depends on the dog. If you have a shih-tzu, a fence is not something you really have to worry about. They’re smaller dogs and don’t need a lot of exercise. I haven’t always had a fence. I had to take my dog out to go potty, on a leash, several times a day. She got several walks a day. I now own an airedale. Airedales are very energetic dogs and I’m glad I have that fence there so she can spend some time outside.

    I think they’re a definite benefits to having a fence. But if you don’t have one and can still take care of your dog properly, then there’s really no issue.

  15. Toy Fox Terrier says:

    I disagree.

    Fenced yards really only make a difference if you’re planning to leave the dog in the yard unsupervised.

    For one thing, in many areas leaving your dog in a yard, fenced or not, is dangerous, because of possible dog theft. My dog could be picked off by an eagle if she was left in the yard, and how would a fence help?

    Not to mention, I’ve seen a dog that found a way to tunnel under a fence in less that twenty minutes.

    If you can take your dog on walks and to the park as a substitute, theres no reason why someone without a fence should not be suitable for a dog. I personally would never let my dog go outside on her own because of her circumstances, its just not safe. And if I’m with her the entire time, whats the need for a fence?

    Obviously there are special cases, where dogs need to spend a lot of time outdoors to be happy. For them, yes maybe a fence is necessary. But I don’t have a dog like that, so I don’t think the statement "no fence, no dog" is an applicable generalization.

  16. Sandra R says:

    I’m against any kind of generalization. Many apt. dwellers, condo dwellers and rural land lot owners responsibily and successfully have and exercise their dogs.

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