Do underground dog fences work properly in heavy snow?


My parents dog keeps running through it, I walked to the fence with the collar in my hand, it only worked about 50% of the time. I was wondering, since the batteries are fresh, could it be due to the fact that we have about ten inches of wet snow on the ground?

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8 Responses to “Do underground dog fences work properly in heavy snow?”

  1. Positrainer says:

    E-fences are horrible for a variety of reasons:
    1. They don’t keep thieves or those who want to harm your dog away.
    2. They don’t keep predators, such as coyotes, out.
    3. They encourage barrier aggression in some dogs (notably German Shepherds and other herding/guardian breeds)
    4. When they malfunction, the dog is free to roam.
    5. When they malfunction, injury to the dog can be extremely serious and cause much pain and fear.
    6. They encourage owners to be lazy and not train the dog a solid recall or to respect a boundary.
    7. Any dog can slip its collar and then is free to roam.
    8. They are a pain-inducing device. The shock must be enough to stop a dog from leaving the area. There’s always the chance something will come by (deer, bird, jogger) that is enough to make the dog burst through regardless. Barrier aggressive dogs sometimes have “had enough” and do just that, resulting in a bite to someone, followed by a lawsuit or destruction of the dog.
    9. Batteries can go dead unexpectedly.
    10. They cause a lot of anxiety in some dogs.
    11. It just plain sucks to cause your own dog, your best friend, to feel pain or anxiety when there are better options!

  2. Kyle N says:

    yes i have on and it works great it will be fine dont worry

  3. Wheaten Mom says:

    No, they do not work in snow, most of the time, depending on how heavy/wet the snow.

    You may also have a break in the wire.

    They are a pain, and they don’t keep other animals out.

  4. steffigiraffe says:

    That’s why you need proper fences, not those horrible things.

  5. ty_lynn says:

    i wasted my money on that too. they aren’t worth it.

  6. bff trainer says:

    They should still work. I live in the Cleveland area and we are dumped on and I’ve never had a problem. It could be that they’ve installed the wires too deep into the ground to start with. I would take her out only on the leash from here on out. The more she goes through the fence, the harder it will be to train her to it again since she keeps getting rewarded when she breaks through (she gets to run off and sniff cool things, that’s her reward) Good luck.

  7. Midwest says:

    My brother uses this and he finds that it works good in snow but having said that I don’t know how often the dogs try to ‘test’ it.

  8. Aussies are my ♥ Dogs says:

    My underground fence ceased working properly when it was buried in snow. Since you are having the same issue, then I think that it would be safe to assume that the snow is the problem.

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