Do invisible fences die when the power goes out?


Im looking into getting an invisible fence installed, from the Invisible Fence Brand company. If the power were ever to go out, and my dog was in the yard, would the fence stop working as well?

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7 Responses to “Do invisible fences die when the power goes out?”

  1. Rkarn says:

    Yes and no. They have an option for a battery back up that will power the fence in case of a power outage. All the settings will be retained and will go back to normal power when your power is restored.

  2. Rat Lover<3 says:

    Yes, it does. Well the electric fence is wireless technicly but then once the signals reach the box the box needs something to be connected to. The Signal box needs to be plugged into a power plug. So yes it will

  3. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

    Since the fence would be wired to the house and drawing energy from the house, yes when that power goes, so would the fence. Invest in a REAL fence, much more effective at keeping OTHER animals out of your yard.

  4. Alex S says:

    no, the fence is hooked up to power so the fence will then be useless when the power goes out

  5. Elaine D says:

    Yes unless it was running off the sun, a generator or batterys

  6. rndthclock says:

    If you buy one powered by solar no ..otherwise ..yes

  7. JenVT says:

    yes because they are powered on electricity

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