do invisible dog fences work well with pugs?


I have two pugs and don’t know how well an invisible fence will work with them. They are small dogs, but I need to do something.
I live in a very strict neighborhood that won’t allow fencing. My dogs have a nice sized yard, but I want them to be able to play with my son and not run away. Pugs are not easily trainable so my real question was has anyone, who owns a pug, used an electric fence with good results?

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    8 Responses to “do invisible dog fences work well with pugs?”

    1. Maddie says:

      depends. if they like you and will listen. if they cross and get used to it, try a really big leash that hooks in the ground for when you’re outside.

      hopefully it will work, try your local petstore. they will help you out

    2. dogfencediy says:

      Training is key to sucess!

      I have installed fences for pugs, and almost every other breed and find that sucess is determined by how diligent the owner is in doing their homework to train the dog to use the fence. ‘Stubborn’ breeds like pugs and huskies are not any tougher, after all your dog learned very quickly as a pup not to run into brick walls. Similarly with your help they will learn very quickly not to run across a boundary that gives them a static shock correction.

      Put in the work, fifteen mintues, three times a day for two weeks and it will work. Don’t and your odds are about 50/50.

      Good luck!

    3. WoodlyGA says:

      Invisible fences don’t keep other dogs out and they really are kind of cruel. Your little guys deserve better.

    4. lonelygirl1030 says:

      "Invisible dog fences:" are cruel and STUPID!EWanna hurt our dog?That’s what I thought

    5. Nayner says:

      In my opinion i think they do work just make sure the battery stays charged and then they work because my cous had one and it worked because most of them shock the dog if it crossed but i do not suggest it if you are against eletrick based things on dogs

      hope i could help

    6. lil miss ray of sunshine says:

      why not get a normal fence with chicken wire round the bottom cos whats the point in a fech that you cant see?

    7. Baa_Baa_Blacksheep says:

      those never worked for me. My dogs always figured out that if they passed the line then nothing would happen

    8. guinea pig help says:

      wow well you should sit out side and when the dog passes a certain point yell "NO" and body block the dog and slowly take steps forward so it will back up, give up, and it will just go away ( make sure you give it a treat ) keep doing that until it knows that, that certain place it should not go

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