Do I have the right to walk my dog on an apartment complex's property?


It’s directly behind my rented house (which has no lawn), and it allows dogs to live there. There are no fences, no signs regarding ‘no trespassing’, etc. However, I got approached the other day by someone who works there and was told that since I didn’t live there, I could not walk my dog there. I always even clean up after my dog, and he’s little like the dogs they allow there.

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9 Responses to “Do I have the right to walk my dog on an apartment complex's property?”

  1. Chainsaw says:

    It is private property. If you do not have business with someone there, you have no right to be there. In a free society, private property rights must be honored.

  2. Spookbaby says:

    Not on the complex’s property. If you walk him on the street, it would be okay, because that is public property. The driveway of the apts. and its lawn are considered private property, even if it is not marked as such.

    It’s kind of like people who dump their trash in private dumpsters– it doesn’t really hurt or bother anybody, but it is still the owner’s right to tell you to stop.

  3. Canadian Ken says:

    Even though it is an apartment complex and they don’t have "no trespassing" signs posted… is private property.

    You do not have the right to use (even cleanly) their property if they don’t want you to.

    Congratulations on being conscientious about picking up after your dog though…well done.

    Walk your dog down to the park, he’ll enjoy it and we all can us the exercise.

  4. Bluealt says:

    You’ve been asked to stop walking your dog there. So stop it. If you continue to do it you’re just asking for trouble. Obviously the apartment complex doesn’t want the public traipsing all over their property with their dogs.

    Walk your dog somewhere else.’

  5. lanes says:

    You have no right to walk your dog on other’s property. The apartment complex could choose to allow it, but they are pobably worried about outside dogs causing problems. What happens when the next person wants to walk their doberman through the complex?

  6. MagPookie says:

    Technically, no you don’t have the right. Even though there no visible barrier, there is still a property line. The owner or agent of the owner has the right to keep you off their land. You need their permission to use the property.

    think of it this way, if you had a porch, would you let anyone off the street hang out on your porch? Or would they need your permission? Same deal with property lines.

  7. tina m says:

    If you aren’t a resident, you shouldn’t walk your dog there. If something happened to you or your dog, the management company does not want to be liable.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    It’s not your property, you don’t pay rent there, why would you think it’s okay to walk your dog on THEIR property because you have no lawn. It’s not their fault you have no lawn. You are a trespasser if no one has invited you there.

  9. Maggie says:

    Sorry, you are trespassing. I have no sign on my lawn but I expect dog owners and all others to stay off of it even though I own a dog. I think the same goes here.

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