Do Electric Fences Purchased From a Pet Store Work for Dogs?


Also, how easy are they to install- I would like to save money by buying a fence this way, but want to make sure they work are generally easy to install- thanks for your help

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4 Responses to “Do Electric Fences Purchased From a Pet Store Work for Dogs?”

  1. Dreamweaver says:

    I used a horse electric fence to stop my 2 GSD’s from escaping (No buying wires or special collars) It worked a treat one of the dogs got zapped 3 times and now they won’t go near the fence tape even though it has not been switched on in the last 12 months

  2. yourDUCKEdup says:

    Yes, they do. But only if you really have a big yard.

  3. cristian l says:

    they probably will but why would you want to do this and they will get shocked if they are not acostomed to it

  4. shivercraft says:

    They can work, but do have their downside, as everything does. Installing is relativly easy, (until you have to bury the wire, that is a lot of digging, you should consider using a tiller for this, since the wire only need to be buried between 1" – 3")

    I have a 40 lb pit bull, the fence does wonders for keeping her in the yard, but you have to train the animal. So here is a list of the good and bad side of the electric fence system.


    +after training, the dog will not want to leave the yard (unfortunatley because it associates going anywhere without you as pain)

    +Pretty easy to install. (took me 30 minutes to run the cable in my 1/4 acre yard, and about three hours to bury the cable. I had to use a hoe, with a tiller it would have only taken about 40 minutes.)

    +If you do decide to get a physical fence later, the electric fence will keep your dog from digging out to the other side.

    – This will not keep other animals off you yard

    – This will not keep children off your yard. (even if a child runs up to your dog, on your yard, leashed, and smacks it in the face. If your dog bites the kid you are at fault for having it available for public access. Sounds crazy, but it’s true)

    – If your dog pushes through the pain of the shock to get to the other side, (squirell, ball, a squirell playing with a ball, etc…) the fence will actually keep the dog from coming back onto the yard.

    In short, use the same logic with this fence as you would a lead, physical fence, or an outdoor kennel. It will be fine to leave your dog unsupervised for short periods of time, but never overnight or for eight hours while you go to work.

    Oh, and don’t use it with a dog weighing less than eight pounds. The shock could actually hurt their organs if they are too small.

    good luck with the fence, and thank you for being a responsible dog owner.

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