Cute Kitties and Laser Pen


What can I say…..they were bored. It was either this, or they destroy more stuff.

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    11 Responses to “Cute Kitties and Laser Pen”

    1. Irishtankgod says:

      Oh i know we do that as well then i feel mean when they look round with the eyes going eh i didnt catch anything ha, you have lovely kittys there im sorry im catching up here , have a great old week ahead there too you and all of yours xxxxxxxsCathy

    2. sirjacobthe8 says:

      i do that to my cat all of the time

    3. DeBenson91 says:

      cats really do love the lasers

    4. Katfellow says:

      No doubt,
      thanks 🙂

    5. Katfellow says:

      It’s a good toy to have. They love it & it’s easy on me

    6. Katfellow says:

      Yeah, Symphony is pretty laid back. She has tenure. lol

    7. Katfellow says:

      It’s one of their favorites

    8. squinceyluvgoddess1 says:

      Lol cats have the best toys, so cute!

    9. AxeMoose says:

      Every cat owner needs one of these. The love em 🙂

    10. jax252000 says:

      Aww. They are getting so big!! I like how the one cat was just chillin’ He’s probably thinking “Silly kids”

    11. MulattoBrothaGW says:

      I do this to my cat all the time…lol

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