crate training a puppy from pet store ?


we are trying to crate train our puggle puppy we bought for our girls for christmas from petsmart,, she is 13 weeks old, we ONLY crate her when we are going somewhere and can’t take her, the problem is she cries and carry’s on when we put her in there I put a stuff animal in with her turn on a radio have water bottle food ect…..I read online it is hard to crate train a puppy that came from pet store seeing they were crated all the time there and they learned to do their business in the pen at petstore…is this true anyone purchase a dog from a pet store and has any suggestions about sucessfully crate training …WE DO NOT USE THIS AS PUNISHMENT OR TO HOUSETRAIN HER so don’t suggest it
thanks for the input, our crate is not real big the size they had her in at PET DEPOT (sorry puplove your right about petsmart…wrong store)yeah I normally look for breeders to but my girls wanted to go in and see puppys and get christmas gift for our mini daschund and the lady let them hold the puggle then my husband held her and she snuggled right up to his neck, so he was hooked! I’ll keep at it and also try getting her in there when we are home. just hate to hear her cry it’s like we’re torturing her.

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5 Responses to “crate training a puppy from pet store ?”

  1. Frank m says:

    It is people who do not like the idea of a crate, not a dog. I agree 100% with puplov. If I may add a couple of things. Try putting a blanket over the crate with the end uncovered, but do not let her be able to see you. Crate her while you are just sitting there watching TV. Try taking a dirty piece of your dirty clothing, a tee shirt say and put that in the crate with her. Be consistent and try not to give in to her crying.

  2. puplovetft says:

    I thought Petsmart only worked with rescues and did not sell puppies or kittens. Has this changed?

    Anyway, you can crate train any puppy or dog. The problem with ones from puppy mills and pet stores is they’ve learned to do their business where they sleep, which makes it more difficult but not impossible to train them using a crate. I got my Keeshond from a pet store before I learned better and was able to successfully house train her. You just need to be consistent, put everything on a strict schedule, and be patient. It takes time.

    Use the crate when you’re home and unable to supervise the dog also. You don’t want the pup to associate it only with you leaving. Once you’ve successfully crate trained one pup, you’ll never be without a crate again. A crate-trained dog is easier to travel with and less stressed if it has to be boarded or left overnight at the vets for any reason.

  3. MindySue says:

    i also got my dog from a pet store. its great that you are crate training her, and it is going to be really hard at first, but give her time and she will get over it. how big is your crate? if the crate is really big then you need to put something up so the puppy can’t have run of the whole crate and go to the bathroom in their. it took my puppy a while to get used to her crate but now she loves it, i have a covered crate, your puppy might like one of those.

  4. Cull the herd! says:

    You "read" LIES!!!
    Any dog can be crate trained…trained to DO or NOT do anything it’s HUMAN demands! HUMANS fault,not a dumb animal!
    Take responsibility!
    Even mutts w/stupid lying labels stuck on em by crooks to SCAM the gullible can be trained.

    Crate w/NOTHING but bedding! Shut door! Teach it SHUDDUP!!!

  5. thumpfrosty says:

    do not crate train a dog. if you cant teach iy manners the crate will make it worse.

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