confused my neibor and a fence?


i am a mother with a 4 yr old and a caretaker for my sister that has special needs i live in not the greatest area and have had people tryng to break in i recently found a rott on creigslist for free very good with my child sister cats and little dogs at nite their in a enclosed sun room at day they roam in my fenced and pad locked fence i got her full grown and trained my neibor is now harrasing me about my only confort of protection and his fen ce which 3 yrs ago i went in half on replacing he stated i need to rebuild this 6 ft fence because my dogs barking scares his family my dog is fenced and wont go near the fence because their are thorne bushes agains the entire fence she dosent ever get out he came over today an d told me i was stupid and inconciderate in not asking his premission on the matter of getting my dog so now even though my dog isnt a problem i need to get rid of here and buy him a new fence ,but get this my dog stays in the back yard, and his little poodle poopes on my front yard and ive never said any thing even though ive stepped in it and picked it up on my yard also this poodle chases my child and thats suppost to be okay, please any solutions im at the end of my ropes

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5 Responses to “confused my neibor and a fence?”

  1. Sher says:

    I understand Honey understand. But I have nothing for ya but to tape yours and his dog. Yours in the back yard. His chasing your child and, if possible, pooping on your lawn

  2. Bobbie L says:

    Please repost with punctuation. Without, you question is impossible to read.

  3. caitlin.CALAMITY says:

    Do NOT get rid of your dog because of this man. He is an asshole. It is great that you have some protection and feel safer. As long as you care properly for the dog there is nothing he can do. Next time tell him if you get rid of your dog, his dog goes too.

  4. Todd says:

    tell him to f off

  5. Sarah says:

    First of all, if he’s not your daddy or your landlord, NO YOU DID NOT have to ask his permission to get a frigging pet.

    Secondly, you have to rebuild his fence…. for what? If the dog doesn’t actually go near the fence, and the fence is not in any way damaged, he has no reason in the world to ask you to help pay for his fence other than to be a giant asshat to you and your family. Which is what he is acting like, right now.

    Third, you don’t have to get rid of your dog. If you can put up with that freaking poodle crapping on your property and chasing your child, he can put up with you having a dog of your own.

    Don’t get rid of your dog because of that douche bag. Consult with the authorities yourself – the police, the local animal control. Tell them your situation and ask their opinion about whether you’d really have to give up your new dog and fix that guy’s fence and I bet you a million bucks they’ll tell you this exact same stuff – no, you don’t have to get rid of the dog and your neighbor is just being a big ass over nothing.

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