Chocolate Labrador Retrivere?


I was thinking about getting a chocolate lab puppy during the summer when I have 1 1/2 months to house train it get it used to a crate and used to it’s new home. I have two children 12 and 17 I have a large home and a Medium-Large fenced-in yard I live around many people and have many people visiting usually. It would be left along from 8.00am-2.45pm but I would leave a kong toy I heard they are really good for keeping dogs mentaly active, chew toys, water, food I would also leave a talk radio on becuase i’ve read that most dogs like it. I would also get a dog sitter to come in and take it out and play with it at around 11.30am for about 45minutes. Do you think I should get one? Also if I do what food should I get it food that I can buy in Canada-Ottawa I’ve read ALOT about this breed and pretty much set on getting it. I’ve also READ that dog food is killing dogs and made with preservatives and poisins that are killing dogs and giving them certain diesies! What would be a good dog food

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6 Responses to “Chocolate Labrador Retrivere?”

  1. Muttophile says:

    A lab pup sounds perfect for ya. Like othr posters said there are hundreds of lab pups out ther waiting for homes since labs are the #1 dog in america. Please consider adopting ur puppy. Its just as rewarding and ur saving a life.

    For food I usually go with canidae or innova. both great foods.

  2. Delay says:

    Great dog – good plan – shows you are considering the all the responsibility. Any meat based dry food does the trick. No corn filler brands that end up as tons ‘o piles in the back yard. Yuck!

  3. Stina says:

    You sound like a fantastic dog owner.

    How about adopting a lab though? There are 17,000 labs listed on Petfinder alone- and Petfinder does not even include half of the country’s homeless animals (Canada included, I believe). There are MANY lab puppies available for adoption. Please consider rescuing rather than buying, especially if the dog is only going to be a family pet- not a show dog!

    As far as the food goes, Solid Gold, Canidae, and Innova are all excellent brands. I’m not positive if they are available in Canada though.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: Guys…8a-2:45p is not that long to leave a dog home alone. I know people who leave their dog’s home for nine-ten hours a day. THAT is ridiculous. This person is only asking for a mere six hours and forty-five minutes! Maybe it would be too much for an eight week old puppy- but a bit older puppy would be fine.

  4. gemma r says:

    A chocolate lab would be great for you, particularly with the children. Good breed choice.

    The only thing is that you CANNOT get a puppy if you are going to be leaving it for that long. Even an adult dog shouldn’t be left alone for more than 4 hours max.

    The general rule is that a puppy can be left for an hour when it is 8 weeks old and then that time can be increased by an hour for every month after that. So if you are talking about leaving it for 4 hours at a time inbetween visits from the dog walker then you would need a dog that is 6 months or older as otherwise their bladder just won’t be able to cope and you will really struggle to housetrain it. Also, it will be very destructive if you leave a puppy alone for that amount of time and become bored – your house would literally be destroyed!

    Remember that dogs are pack animals and need company, otherwise they can end up with big behavioural problems later in life, and that particularly applies to puppies.

    As for food, there are plenty of brands out there that are organic.

    Best of luck!

  5. Layken says:

    i think that sounds good,,,but is the dog going to be indoors while u leav him alon?
    i sugest leaving her outside,,,possibly get a doggy door or something,,,bc shell go crazy that long inside. I would. Also,,,u should look up homemade dog food and buy minerals to add,,,its better than REAL dog food., and makes them gain muscle instead of fat.
    i suggest getting a ENGLISH stlye lab too,,,American look nothing like a REAL lab.

  6. allycmw says:

    It sounds like you’re ready to commit to owning a dog, good for you! So many people make this decision impulsively without planning, and it sounds like you’ve done all you research and will not be leaving a puppy home by itself all day. As for the food, to avoid all those poisons and preservatives that you’ve been reading about, avoid grocery store brands. They’re all full of fillers; basically junk food for dogs. Go to an independant pet store and look for a dog food which has real meat (not a by-product or meal) as the first (and preferably second, third and fourth) ingredient. There should also be minimal amounts or no grains at all (wheat, soy, corn, etc). Some good brands to consider are Orijen (I feed my dog this, and it’s made in Canada), Wellness, Canidae, Innova, Chicken Soup, Merricks. Good luck getting your new puppy! And remember, finding a reputable breeder will save you a lot of vet bills in the future, especially with labs, who have become overbred in the past few years as they became more popular.

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