CHILDREN AND DOG SAFETY. Please take the time to read and watch if you have a dog.


I think it is time that we all need to do something to proctect Children and dogs , Never leave your child with a dog alone Always teach your child to be gental ,and kind to dogs . Always teach your dogs to have items taken from mouth at anytime so dog doesnt bite . Socialize your dog well ,it is very important ,to have a nice natured family pet . socailize dogs with other pets ,that they are going to be living with . Now we come to the Reason for this video to be made Every year their a many attacks on children from the family pet It is important to keep both child and pet safe at all times ,Some of these attacks could of being prevented some child lose their lifes over a dog attack , How many times have i heard people say to me oooooooooo dont worry about the dog he wont bite , Well that is not true at all I have had dogs now for 30 years a life time when my children were growing up I used this technic ,I had two dog pens built ,and when i wasnt in yard to supervise the dogs were in the pens, My children were never bitten by my dogs ,but my son was bitten twice in his life once i went to check out some cats and the lady said to me dont worry about the dog he is with young children in kindergarden every day ,now remember my child was educated when it came to dogs from birth ,well this dog turn around a ripped the inside of my childs mouth ,and outside of his face ,so in the doctors we went ,. The next time he was sitting on the ground of my friends place and the dog

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5 Responses to “CHILDREN AND DOG SAFETY. Please take the time to read and watch if you have a dog.”

  1. TellsHowItIs says:

    I agree with you. At the end of the day they are wild animals no matter how much they are around us and like humans they also can only take so much & children often find it hard to know when to stop. Especially if the children have not spent alot of time with dogs (not like in your case though I know) but if they haven’t they will not know how to handle them & will probably end up stressing the dog, & as we know it only takes a second if they have had enough and turn.We all just need to be wary.

  2. 666STRAIGHT says:

    cool dogs!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. roogyboy says:

    …cool looking dogs, a bit wrinkly though!!! hehe, but the message is a good one for all to adhere to with their pets. Sometimes even the best tempered dog gets annoyed, so, be aware!

  4. doughnutboy99 says:

    if you have a nice dog this wouldn’t appy

  5. animallove1993 says:

    how many dogs do u have

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