Chewwie Jumps the fence pt 2


The first one looks like he was pushed but this one shows it’s all him.

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    19 Responses to “Chewwie Jumps the fence pt 2”

    1. 112887db says:

      why would you encourage your dog to do this??dumb fuck

    2. saarloswolfhound says:

      cruel, not crule

    3. saarloswolfhound says:

      Wht do you mean by won’t getting hurt, moron. If it can’t land steadily on its paws when landing it could break a bone you bashi-bazouk.

    4. saarloswolfhound says:

      It looks hurted, that woman’s mean,Chewwie mut hate her…. really the dog could break a bone or a splinter or whatever…

    5. Luneytoon121 says:

      awwwwwwwwww she landed really hard pon rocksss

    6. willie120490 says:


    7. SeekingSqueak says:

      I agree this looks painful to your dog – it’s not funny or clever.

    8. MyAussieIsAwesome says:

      Don’t force the dog to do something he doesn’t want to do, he almost fell! If you don’t want him to jump up there don’t encourage him to do it!

    9. gunnhildur77 says:

      I wander why you have to encourage him so much ? This probably doesn’t fell very good for him. But his pain isn’t yours so ?

    10. ljtorana4life says:

      You’re a total cunt. The dog will break a hip doing that. Why encourage the dog to jump up on something that isn’t stable and offers no support for the dog to secure itself. Try an a frame you brainless fuckwit.

    11. gbousum says:

      dogs won’t get hurt from doing that, morons. They eat poo and attack porcupines and you think they get hurt from trying to jump a fence? Nope. Learn to spell, it cruel, not crule, ya dope!

    12. wolflover096 says:

      theres no spikes!!! thats like my fence and my dog dosent get hurt jummpen over em!!

    13. MyGizmoRoxs says:

      Who ever put the spikes up der is so f**kin crule do u want 2 hurt that poor dog??
      I’d like 2 see u try to do wat that dog tryed 2 do! i thik u r a stupid crule person.

    14. stealthk7gsxr says:

      i wonder what horrible things chewy is sayin about her in his head….

    15. dshznit22 says:

      if the top was flat he coulda done it.
      that kid is funny ” wow crazyy” haha

    16. HazzerJ says:

      Man what a bitch

    17. punkrboi says:

      thats soo fucked upp… ur dog could get seriously hurt doing that!

    18. yaboy03 says:

      funny kid

    19. LeforJ says:

      hear the kid in the background… wow thats crazy!

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