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Best Temporary Electric Fence for Dogs?

Tweet . i have a 2 year old rottie (rott willer) idk if thts how u spell it hes about 100 pounds less but around 100 hes only staying at my house temporarily so i need a cheap not to exspensive electric fence so he an play in my yard i have a big yard […]


FENCEBOX™ Rollaway Fence System – Crowd Control

Tweet . USR ( FENCEBOX™ rollaway fence system is the innovative solution for your secure temporary fencing needs. This portable fence system is ideal for crowd control, parking barriers and privacy fencing at major sporting events, trade fairs, museums and universities. The portable fence system is a metal box containing 164 feet of Rombo, high-tensile […]


Im getting a puppy and i wanted to know if it is better to use an exercise pen or a Crate?

Tweet ok.. So im getting a Yorkshire terrier and i wanted to know if it is better to use a crate or an exercise pen for it to stay in at night and during the day when i am at school.. I am leaning more towards the pen because then the puppy will have more […]


How do I temporarily fence off a backyard of the home I am renting so that my dog won't run away?

Tweet I am renting a home for two years but the backyard is very open and I have a Siberian Husky. I don’t want to use electronic fencing and the temporary fencing company told me that they need to drill two feet into the ground to put their post. How do I make a nice […]

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