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Utility Locating and Fence Installation – How to Locate Underground Wires and Utility Lines when Building a Fence

Tweet Q. I’m thinking of building a fence in my backyard to keep my two dogs, a greyhound and collie, safe. My sons have graciously volunteered to help. We know where we want to install the fence but how do we find out where all of the underground power lines are buried? The last thing […]


Six Reasons Why Your Dog is Jumping the Fence

Tweet As any dog owner knows, dogs love to run, jump and play. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that they jump over the fence and escape from their yard. This behavior exposes them to the dangers of the outside world, including getting hit by a car, lost, stolen, or run-ins with other animals. So what are […]


My Neighbor’s Dogs are Aggressive and Biting our Dog and Those of our Other Neighbors Despite a Privacy Fence

Tweet . They have promised to erect a privacy barrier to prevent them from getting through our privacy fence but have not followed through after 3 months nor paid the vet bills for the injuries to our dog. What recourse do we have at this point? we are willing to forget the Vet bill if […]


Can the city make me build a fence for my dog?

Tweet . Today the city showed up saying I need to build a fence for my dog. Because the water people are scared that he might come loss . Now he has a big chain sence he is a pitbull. He said I need a fence or the police will make me get rid of […]


Any Ideas to Keep my Dog From Jumping my 6 ft Fence?

Tweet . I have a boxer pitbull mix who is a year old.  She is very active and can jump my 6 foot privacy fence.  I am looking for ideas on how to stop her from escaping from the back yard. The fence is made of wood, so I can attach roller bars on the […]


How do I Keep my Dog from Jumping Over a 6 ft high Wooden Fence?

Tweet We have a chocolate lab who loves to be outside.  The backyard fence is a wooden privacy fence that is six feet tall.  Our problem is that our dog is great at getting out of the yard.  I’ve watched her and she takes a run at and jumps over or runs at and climbs […]

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