Can you put a invisible fence too deep in the ground?


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    3 Responses to “Can you put a invisible fence too deep in the ground?”

    1. EagleWatcher says:


    2. Pete T says:

      If it’s invisible, how do you know how deep you are putting it?

    3. Peter W says:

      Yes. But it depends on the composition and moisture content of the soil. Invisible fences work on radio frequencies that trigger the collar. If the fence is too deep or the ground too damp or very high in iron content for examples, the rF is grounded before it can reach the collar at a sufficient level to trigger it.

      Some fences have a level-control for this purpose that increase broadcast power, but this will extend the range of the fence in those areas where the transmission is not shielded by the earth. So, in some areas, the trip might be at a few feet, in other areas as much as ten feet.

      After you set the fence, walk around with the collar and measure the trigger range all around the perimeter. This will help you determine the pattern and if there are any voids in the perimeter. This is critically important for its effectiveness.
      Good luck with this.

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