Can you install an electric fence for both Cats AND Dogs?


Well I have a cat who keeps getting into fights outside and I wanted to get a electric fence for him for my backyard so he can play without getting hurt…….BUT i also have 3 rambunctious dogs who try to run off my property onto the street..I dont want them to get hit by a car so hence i need the
Anyways is there an electric fence that has collars for both cats and dogs if so how much?

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    4 Responses to “Can you install an electric fence for both Cats AND Dogs?”

    1. Alex Damalix says:

      Yes, you can get these fences and no matter what people may be sayiong, they are safe as they do not administer a large shock the the animal only a small shock which effectivley works! (:

    2. Ashera says:

      Why not just invest in a real fence? That should be enough to contain the dogs. You also need to work on obedience training so they don’t rush out the door. Those shock collars are cruel and if the dog is stubborn enough it won’t stop him from running off. The cat is too small to safely use a shock collar on. If you don’t want him to get hurt keep him indoors.

    3. H B B says:

      that is so nice of you
      yes you can get a kitten collar $155 dollars on sale

      *ZAP* AHHH! safety

    4. ladystang says:

      but what would stop the others from coming over to fight?

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