Can the city make me build a fence for my dog?


Today the city showed up saying I need to build a fence for my dog. Because the water people are scared that he might come loss . Now he has a big chain sence he is a pitbull. He said I need a fence or the police will make me get rid of him. But building the fence defeats the purpose of having the dog. Who is going to be scared of a dog in a fence . My dog is not for showing , he is there to protect the house. Can they do this for Something that MIGHT happen .

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18 Responses to “Can the city make me build a fence for my dog?”

  1. woofs n whiskers says:

    a fence is WAY better than a chain. the dog has more room to move and it won’t wander out and bite people or get hit by a car. why would you want someone to be afraid of your dog when they pass by? i feel bad for you dog, you sound like a horrible owner.

  2. Nekkid Truth! says:

    if the laws in your area require pitbulls to be fenced, then yes they can tell you to build a fence or get rid of the dog.

    If there are laws against tethering dogs in your area, yes they can do that too.

    A dog on a chain is not a threat to an intruder- be real! The intruder can break right into your house and the dog is on his little bit of chain and cant get to the intruder. I dont know how you expect a dog to "protect the house" when he’s limited to the length of a chain.

  3. JenVT says:

    It is absolutely horrible to chain a dog out all the time. Really? If you want a dog for protection it makes much more sense to have him loose in the house. If he is chained up outside and someone breaks in, what exactly will he do? Bark. It’s idiotic reasoning.

  4. Cj Gunner says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is.Any responsible owner should have a fence garden or yard anyway.Americans really need to stop letting their dog run loose.

  5. MamaBas says:

    That depends on your local laws, but for me, chaining a dog is potentially dangerous, for the dog. At any point he could get caught up, and hanged. He could also be attacked by a loose dog while he’s chained up. Chaining some dogs can make them unduly aggressive too, so small wonder your Water people are concerned. Put up a fence, it’s only common sense. And it doesn’t defeat the purpose at all. He’ll still raise the alarm, should somebody be prowling around your property and be far more effective if he’s loose than if he’s chained up in any case. I can’t see how any dog is going to defend a property on the end of a chain.

  6. Olive says:

    yeah. a dog on tethered to a CHAIN always frightens me??? what. no.

    a fence is smarter, just build the fence then but up a beware of LOOSE DOG BEHIND THIS FENCE sign.

  7. Pamela D. says:

    Yes they can make you install a fence and they can also confiscate to dog if you refuse.

  8. Aphrodite ☼Dobe says GROW UP says:


    Your dog is there to protect the house??
    I hope you don’t actually believe your dog will protect you when it comes down to it. But congratulations for being an irresponsible dog owner.

    I hope the police do make you surrender him.

  9. Charles B says:


    Secondly a dog like a Pit needs space to run and chained up is not what they are made for,

    Thirdly, if you are trying too protect your property as you allege a fence around with a free roaming Pit is a much greater deterent that a pit at the front door while they climb in the back window.

  10. says:

    yes they can make you build a fence, depends on your local ordinances. Cities have funny laws on such odd things. In my city in Wyandotte, MI, your business sign can be so many feet by so many feet. If you live on a corner lot, your fence can only go up to so many feet into your "side yard," because then it is considered your "front yard."

    There is a lot of specific rules in cities. Find out your local ordinances before just building a fence. They may come back & harass you saying you built is wrong. Then you just wasted money.

    To find out the local ordinances, go to your city hall. ask for property compliance ordinances. Food for knowledge – any time we put concrete down, it is considered taxable property (adding to the sq ft of your house) double check if adding any "dog houses" will add to your property taxes. I know its silly and odd, but cities need to make money too in order for you to have those beautiful side walks. Oh wait, I got an invoice for that side walk from the city last month. lol

    its crazy, but keep on your toes about it, this way you don;t have to do any more work than you have too or spend any money you may not have.

  11. More Bored Collie says:

    I would be far less scared by a dog on a chain than a dog contained by a fence if I were to attempt to break in.

  12. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

    "Now he’s on a big chain since he is a pitbull"

    Do you think all pitbulls belong on chains or something? Most APBT’s I know are not the least bit human aggressive. They are big love-bugs. Dog aggression is another story. So I guess you are good if a dog decides to come rob you.

    That being said, it might be illegal to have a dog on a chain where you live. It is in many areas. Dogs can only be tethered in the yard for a certain amount of time. He might be acting in a manner that is aggressive and that worries city workers. Dogs can and DO break loose from collars.

    The purpose of having a dog is not to protect the house.

    Let them rehome the dog and get an alarm instead.

  13. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

    Are you stupid or just trolling? YES they can make you contain your dog because its obvious your dog has acted in an aggressive manner to people who are trying to do their damn dog. God people like you are the main reason "pitbulls" have the reputation they do.

    A fence doesn’t stop your dog from barking. HOWEVER a proper fence will keep him from getting to anyone should he ever get off his damn chain.

  14. Beckay Cwoe says:

    Who is going to be scared of a dog on a chain? Lol you could walk right past the poor thing once it got to the end of its tether. Yes the council can force you to build a fence on your property. And if it is a possibility that he can get loose then he certainly needs to be safely contained within a yard. Also Once you have a fence you can always put up a beware the dog sign and im sure that people will still be able to hear your dog aswell as see it through a gate. If you are determined not to build a fence you can write to the council to prove that your dog is safely secured and is unable to leave your property and thus a fence is not needed. but you may have to take this matter further then the local council.

  15. Reality Check says:

    Instead of building the fence, turn the dog over to a rescue..then buy a security system..

    I love how people put dogs on big "chains" to over- compensate..

  16. Emoscreamohrdcore says:

    Yes they can I’ve seen them do it to a friend of mine. They give you a choice build a fence or get rid
    of your dog. If anything the fence will be good for your dog cause dogs don’t belong on chains they should be able to run or walk without being pulled down by a heavy chain. Get an alarm system and treat the dog like it’s apart of the family. Just because he’s a pitbull doesn’t mean he deserves to be chained up to keep your home safe. Build a fence for him and yourself or find him a good home.

  17. Bertie Bertchan says:

    What water people? No more shrooms for thou.

  18. Horse Lover says:

    Yes, they can to ensure the safety of the city worker.

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