Can I have a separate crate for my dog to sleep in?


I have a crate connected to an exercise pen in our living room. He is in the crate when we are away and when we are home, the crate door opens into the X pen. We started putting his crate in our bedroom at night to minimize his crying. I was wondering if it would be okay to put a second crate in our bedroom (just for sleeping) so that we would not have to transport it from room to room each day. Would this confuse him?
He is a 4 month old shih tzu… he is definitely not old enough to run all over the house. We live in an apartment and we take him outside at least 7 times a day. He socializes with dozens of other dogs, cats, kids, adults each day. Thank you for your answers!

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3 Responses to “Can I have a separate crate for my dog to sleep in?”

  1. janaka says:

    Why in the name of your Christian god would you have a crate tobegin with. You can try a crate in the bedroom, but make sure both crates are lined with soft clean blankets. Secondly, I would bring the dog in the bedroom, place his clean blankets on the floor and encourage him to sleep there. Explain it to him through telepathy and pictures. And get rid of the crates, eventually, a week or less and have the excerise pen elimated alsao. Let the dog run free after you have trained him how to act in a house. Surely, a human can do that much,can’t you. Do you want tobe confined to an excersie pen in a house, why not outside in good weather, or better yet no pens, no crates. I hade 4 dogs and one massive timber wolf at one time and i this menagerie were many house cats and two full grown cougars and a pet door. Biggest problem…. the cougars ate my mother’s hollyhocks.

  2. I'm already dead, I'll rise to fall again says:

    That’s perfectly fine. I have two crates- one in my room, one in the game room (which we basically live in, lol). If you want, you can put the bedding from one crate into the other when the puppy switches crates.

  3. ms manners says:

    A crate is a crate.
    If you want him to sleep in a different crate in your bedroom, he wont be confused.

    But why would you keep the dog penned up when you are home to watch him?

    A dog is not a bird… cant keep him caged up all the time, and expect him to be properly socialized.

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