Can i have a german shepherd dog run outside my backyard without a backyard.?


I live in a suburban home in illinois, and just purchased a pup from a local breeder which I know very well. Good people they are. Anyway A have a big back yard, which would cost a lot a money and time to build a fence. I was wondering if I could by law ,under my supervision, allow my German shepherd to run freely around my yard while drinking a icy cold bottle of suds in the summertime. I would like to sometime in the future to play frisbee catch with my dog. I dont know if thats legally allowed if you dont have a fence. Im planning on taking the little guy to classes to make him more obedient.

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6 Responses to “Can i have a german shepherd dog run outside my backyard without a backyard.?”

  1. buterfly_2_lovely says:

    It’s fine – IF the dog stays in the yard. and it WON’T without training.

    A long line will keep your pup safe until you can trust it to stay with you. (after 2 yrs old)

    Have fun training disc! Here’s an awesome resource – Hope to see you there!

  2. nattiej1976 says:

    You could very well train invisible boundaries with your dog, takes a little while but can be worth it. i did with my dog, but mainly really to prevent him from wandering out if a gate is accidently left open, otherwise he is in a secure area.

    Invisible boundrays work OK on a normal every day sort of thing but would not rely on it completely, because if something appeals to your dog outside that limitation, he is likely to go for it!

    I know that you dont want to hear me say this, but you really should put in a proper fence, not only for stopping your dog from getting out but to stop any others from coming into his area as well.

    If you have chosen to get a dog, you are responsible for its safetey and to provide a secure, private area for his enjoyment.

  3. Kiss me I'm Italian says:

    if you spend allot of time with your dog and teach him that its bad to go anywhere but your yard, then you will have no problem, I own a german shepherd and he runs around my front yard without going into the street because I taught him thats its not good to go out of the boundries plus if you spend time with him he will get attached to you and wont want to leave your side. it works with me, try it good luck

  4. Angie H says:

    I guess that it would really depend on your state laws. I do not know where you live. I would think that it would not be a problem if you were supervising your dog.

  5. scharchris says:

    make sure hes wearing a shock collar cause he can feel threatened by anyone and cost u everything

  6. myleslr says:

    I’m sure it’s not legal.

    You should make your yard safe for the dog and safe for everyone else. You should not have bought a dog without a securely fenced yard for it.

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