Can anyone recommend a good evergreen shrub for a privacy fence?


I live in Zone 5 in NW Ohio. I would prefer one that stays green all year rather than a deciduous one. Also must have a strong root system as I have 2 big dogs to deal with and who will be near it.

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3 Responses to “Can anyone recommend a good evergreen shrub for a privacy fence?”

  1. paul F says:

    Viburnum tinus

  2. peek2troff says:

    My answers are not for your zone, but might be useful. It depends on how fast, how tall you want the fence. If you want 30-40 feet of height, Leland cyprus works, but over a ten year span, one of them might die. Ours lasted 15 years and then two died. Ligustrum is inexpensive and will be 10 feet tall after about 12 years. The new trend in our town is holly (many varieties) because it is perennial and hardy. You can buy them already about 8 feet tall. The disadvantage here is that it takes them a good while to get out of the Christmas tree shape — that is, tapering from bottom to top. I am about to install them to replace our dying Leland Cyprus.

  3. grannygrunt28391 says:

    The first thing you need to know is which ones will not be toxic to your dogs. Then make a decision of which to plant. The plants are listed in alphabetical order if you want a list separated into plant category just put toxic or non toxic plants for animals into your search bar to pull some up.
    Below are links to discover which are toxic and which are non toxic.

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