Can a Chihuahua dog get a 2yr old lab pregnant.?


My lab was in heat, I kept her in the house most of the time. When I let her out to my fenced backyard, my neighbors’ Chihuahua kept getting in my yard and my dog ended up pregnant. I saw his dog on several occassions trying to mate with my dog and ran him out. No other dogs could squeeze thru my fence. I kept telling the neighbor about his dog in my yard almost daily but he did nothing. My dog ended up pregnant, so I got her spayed while she was pregnant with 6 puppies. I gave the neighbor the vet bill to pay and he said it was impossible for his little dog to get my big dog pregnant. I disagree. I want him to pay. I want to take him to court because it’s mainly the principle that he should be more responsible for his dogs ‘ action since he couldn’t keep his dog in his yard. Why should I have to be out of money when I kept my dog in my yard. If this man thinks he’s right, how did my dog get pregnant? Any suggestions on what I should do.

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    14 Responses to “Can a Chihuahua dog get a 2yr old lab pregnant.?”

    1. amanda says:

      yes ,,, it can happen my sharpe pit got pregnant with my male chihuahua and she just had 3 puppies im not sure if that is it yet but they are cute…. but yes it can happen and i have 3 to prove it…

    2. xtremeone98 says:

      First of all, if you didnt want you dog having puppies, why didnt you have her spayed to begin with…thats just common sence. And secondly, this is a dumb thing to argue about. Why would you want to take someone to court over something so stupid. If, infact, it was his dog, which I highly doubt that it was, then you are both to blame..yours for not spaying your dog and his for not spaying his. You could have easily given those puppies away. Stop acting like the world is over because your dog got pregnat. There are far more important things going on in the world. This is stupid and insignificant…let it go.

    3. jesse s says:

      any dog could get a dog pregnant but i stongly disagree about you spray your dog just to kill the puppies

    4. surfer.girl18 says:

      Yes he can! if i were you i wouldnt have killed the puppies i would have taken care of the new puppies and then sold them to pay for vet bills (just my opinion)

    5. oregano13 says:

      Yes, his Chihuahua could have impregnated your Lab. Male dogs are very resourceful when a female is in heat. Thank you for spaying rather then bringing even more unwanted puppies into the world that would likely eventually end up in shelters like so many others. I have seen Chi/Rottie mixes recently at the local shelter, Pit Bull/Mini Doxies, Pug/Pit and all sorts of small/large dog combos. It happens.

    6. HP says:

      I have a friend that owns a dachshund/lab mix. It is totally a lab, but on dachshund legs…it is hysterical, and serioulsy anything is possible. Dogs have died giving birth to puppies that were too big for their little bodies…like a chihuahua giving birth to a newfoundland. I would expect him to pay his share. He is really lucky you own a friendly dog and not one that wants to eat his little dog. I bet he wouldn’t be so casual about it then now would he?

    7. Mikayla says:

      I don’t see how it’s possible that a Chihuahua could mount a full grown lab. More than likely, your dog was mounted by some other male. If you have a chain length fence, it’s possible that they locked up through the fencing. If not, some dog must’ve found a way in and out without you realizing it.

      Thankfully the dog has been spayed now, and you don’t have to worry about that anymore.l

    8. BethanyAS says:

      When your dog is in heat you really should lock her indoors. Male dogs will stop at nothing to mate with a bitch in heat. I’ve even heard of dogs mating through fences. If the vet did not keep the fetuses there is no way of telling what sort of dogs they were. It’s not likely that the chihuahua was the father but it’s not impossible.

    9. I Love my Pyr. says:

      Should have had your dog spayed sooner.
      Should have prevented this yourself.
      Many people are not responsible but you need to take responsibility for your own mistakes and this was yours.
      A male does what a male knows to do-if a female is in heat he wants to be with her and since you didn’t protect your own dog and prevent this it is your fault.

      You should have to be out of money because you should have had her spayed sooner.
      Going to court is stupid and you want to make a buck off of the fact you were a poor pet owner.
      She got pregnant because you didn’t get her spayed.

      So, have I made my opinion clear on this matter or would you like me to explain it better?

    10. Jenny says:

      Yes it can…as odd as it sounds!

      It would be hard to take the man to court with no physical evidence that it made the dog pregnant. Unless you have yourself witnessed the ‘tie’ or have it on tape it is very hard to punish them…if your dog had the puppies you could have done DNA testing and then took him to court…but you do not have a strong case if you do not have much evidence..sorry

    11. ♥I Love Puppy Breath♥ says:

      no.. not possibly how would the chihuahua reach to mate with the the baby’s would not turn out right, the gene pool would be all screwed up cause those 2 gene are not suppose to mix

    12. Lee[♥] says:

      Yes, a chihuahua can get a lab pregnant !

    13. Maggie M says:

      you killed your dogs puppies…what a mean, cruel, heartless thing to do

    14. Kris says:

      A chihuahua can definitely get a lab pregnant. A large female dog in heat will often crouch down if a small male wants to mate with her, so he can reach.

      If you know your dog didn’t leave the yard and no other dog can get in, the chihuahua is almost certainly the culprit. I am not sure you can prove enough to get anywhere in court though. You could give it a try, but it’s hard to say how far you’ll get without actually seeing the neighbor’s dog mating your dog.

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