Burying invisible fence line?


I am wanting to bury the bright green line for my invisible fence. I have tried pine needles, is this a good choice?Should I cover it in dirt? What it another way to bury the bright green line once and for all with my invisible fence? I have the receiver box in the garage and a bunch of tacky looking line comes out of there in a bundle outside the door. What can I do about this?

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One Response to “Burying invisible fence line?”

  1. dawgie says:

    hello .. if you have a lot of wire to bury you may wanna pay someone to do it for ya unless ur not afraid of some work …. if you do it urself make sure there are no other wires in the dog fence path.. does it come out on the same side as your utilities? if so have the other wires marked by the local locate co. so you dont cut em and about the wires coming out of the wall – if you can unhook them and pull em out from the wall get some conduit or pvc and run the wires thru that and stick em back thru.. ur local lowes or home depot should be able to hook you up w/ what you need .. i would definatley bury the wires so they dont get damaged by anything because ur dog may figure out if the fence isnt working before you do ..

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