Boxer Dog Question…..What do you think this behavior is?


I have 2 dogs and three cats. All get along beautifully. My biggest dog is a male boxer. The scenerio: We have a big fenced in yard. The dogs go out in the yard to play and we let the cats outside only under supervision. We have to keep them away from the fence because they will try to climb it and get out. Whenever I yell at one of my cats to get down off the fence (or get away from it if they look too interested), my male Boxer will go over and "air hump" the guilty cat. He doesn’t get an, um, erection and it’s not even a real hump like I’ve seen him do when we stud him out.

I suspect this is dominant behavior, or is it that he is trying to help me "herd" the cats? Has anyone ever heard of boxers being used as herding dogs?

I’d appreciate your thoughts and comments, and any information. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Boxer Dog Question…..What do you think this behavior is?”

  1. sophylakes says:

    neuter him if you are not showing him

  2. bluebonnetgranny says:

    He’s just helping you correct one of the pack members.

    Typical behavior, ofter shown by the pack leader (first under you, of course). Pack instinct.

    You can correct the guilty dog as he did the guilty cat (not hump him, no, no, no) but a deep voice scolding should be enough. It is natural & normal. Not to worry.

  3. kelsey g says:

    some dogs can’t differ from playmate or cat he may simply think the cat is a small dog dominant behavior would be more aggresive all dogs have a small sense of herding I would let him know that his behavior is unacceptable and maybe in the future neuter him that would greatly help his sex drive:) good luck

  4. Tanya968 says:

    This is really different!

    Your boxer sounds really intelligent.
    That is dominant behavior. He is trying to tell cat, "Hey, you there, listen to the Pack Leader." Also he might be saying he is at a higher level in the pack than cat.

    I wouldn’t worry about it if they get along ok.
    However, keep in mind that yelling (even at the cats) can bring about this type of aggressive or dominance assertion behavior.

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