Big Dog Issue? Can You Help?


My lab is an angel when people are home but goes insane when we are not. He made a very big mess and it took 3 hours to pick it up. I want to know how I can help him get over this. My question is: How can I train him/help him overcome this anxeity?
Thank You for All of Your Help. I also have a budget: . Thanks
he is fine with other dogs but just makes a mess after we leave.
like i said I can’t cut out 0 right now!
He is almost four ( in november). He isn’t crate-trained beucase we didn’t know how big he was going to be. He pooed in the house chewd up 6 rolls of T.P. and cleared our computer desk to look out the window. He drooled and scratched the windows.
I live on a farm so I have a humongo back yard but it’s not fenced in!
he is perfectly trained is the best AS LONGas someone is home and that’s not always the case
I know he has SA. I forgot to metion but what I want tokow is how to cure it. thnaks in advance

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    7 Responses to “Big Dog Issue? Can You Help?”

    1. wishnuwelltoo says:

      Well you have to train him how to behave in the house. Since he cannot behave in the house when you are gone, you need to crate him, (get the largest size they make), or child gate him in an area where he won’t do too much damage. You can buy a crate now, it is fine. This is something usually trained when they are puppies and you are potty training him. I would start by pretend leaving him for short amounts of time, and you might do the child gate thing, where he has lots of toys and bones to amuse himself. We left a radio or tv on for our dogs, but we just practiced pretend leaving with them, and leaving short periods of time, and if they could behave, graduating them to more space as a reward. I guess you have to start at the beginning. If you dogs is acting like a puppy, train him like a puppy.

    2. Mrs. Copeland says:

      I have a lab too, I got him about 2 months ago. He’s almost 2. & I had to exact same problem. I got whats called "Bauch’s Rescue Remedy" its an all natural herb that my Vet recommended. Its used for humans too, but works great for separation anxiety in animals. an I just give him 2-3sprays in his mouth about twice daily. Also, he stays in the garage when I leave for work, etc. & I give him a rawhide/bone when I leave. It took him about 3 weeks to realize that I was coming back to him. When I’d come home and he hadn’t done anything he would get tons of love and pets and I’d play ball with him.
      But Labs are known for there chewing. They are hyper dogs and require a lot of attention/exercise.
      Hope it helps.

    3. Sheila says:

      I have a lab as well and she used to do the same when I would leave. She did a lot of damage. I read of what they called separation anxiety, where the dog feels extremely anxious when you, their master, leave them alone. Labs are high anxiety dogs anyway, I had to keep my lab outside, even then she would whine until my neighbors complained. I had to keep her chained to the back fence, because the neighbors called the city saying I wasn’t controlling my dog and I got a citation. She is now almost 10 and still whines some but not as much. I have on occasion, with my vets advice, given her Benadryl. The sleepy side effects calmed her down when I needed it. Keeping her well exercised helped, giving her large rawhide bones also helped. I would recommend setting up a fenced kennel in your back yard and give him lots of things he can destroy, like chew toys, cardboard boxes, rawhide bones. He will probably whine and bark, but at least the damage would be kept to a minimum.

    4. covahote says:

      i have a german shepherd dog and he is like this too , except he sometimes bites when he wants to play. what i do, is you should really crate train him , but it might be expensive , because my crate cost about 100 then u might want to buy a baby gate,or a gate that surrounds him like a little area , kinda cheaper, i guess. anyways, i bought a squirt bottle filled with just cold water and i would just squirt him when he does something bad. and also you should potty train him by going outside every hour or an hour and a half, just to let him get used to the routine, then kinda shorten it to your schedule. and maybe u can by one of those electric fences , but i don’t recommend that because you and I both probably don’t want to shock our dogs or poke it with a needle , it would hurt me tons when he would get shocked. So sometimes when I’m really busy i put my dog on a very long leash like 30 ft and i tie my dog outside . Since you have a humongo backyard you can do it longer . and try to teach him some tricks like sit , down , stay , wait ,leave it (for the t.p) , take it , and other stuff like that. you don’t have to go to dog training for that, you can do it at home at your own.

    5. susan p says:

      It sounds like your dog has separation anxiety. We got her a crate and it’s been a blessing. She’s a totally different dog and we don’t come home to messes all of the time. Most dogs actually prefer to be crated because it gives them a sense of security. If you can’t afford a crate try searching for one on one of yahoo’s free-cycle groups. I see people giving them away all of the time. Good luck.

    6. ilovedogs1000 says:

      it sounds as if your dog has hyper isolation anxiety. i would check out a book from the library and see what it has to say. and definitely get a crate at least till the problem is fixed. although don’t leave him/her in there too long or you could make the problem worse. try locking the dog up in a small room with a toy and go out of the room for a few seconds and then return and gradually increase the time over a few days till it can be reasonably calm when you leave.

    7. euki says:

      Hello. don’t worry. your prob with your pup can be resolved. For your first issue, you can teach him on how to be home alone. This will help your dog to settle down calmly and quietly when you are out of the house. Just check out this link:

      For your second issue, i think you should take your pup on the crate training. Crate training will help him prevent the bad habits like peeing and pooping elsewhere. For training tips, just check out this link:

      Best of luck.

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