Best Way to Train Big Dog to Stay in a room?


My dog is a shepard/pitbull mutt, 7 yrs old. Now I have a child, who’s 2. As he gets older I am worried about him climbing out of his bed and coming into our room, only to awaken our dog who may be aggressive toward him (he sleeps at the foot of our bed). My dog is fairly well behaved but recently he has shown flashes of aggression toward my son and my wife on occassion. Its usually when we try to keep him away from the "pack". We often keep him behind a gate in the back room of the house, so my son can run around the house during the day. Dog hates it. When my son is gone or sleeping, he’s free to roam as usaul. However, my dog is strong and quick, and easily escapes through the gate. he’s become increasingly defiant. Question 1: how do I keep him from approaching the gate? Scat mat? indoor fence? remote shock collar to punish his escape attempts? Q2: As far as the nightime concern, should I force him to sleep in the back room? Or should I leave him in our room, but in a large crate?

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17 Responses to “Best Way to Train Big Dog to Stay in a room?”

  1. Millie says:

    Get rid of the dog. Sorry but he is unpredictable and no amount of training will take that out of him

  2. concerned says:

    sorry,blunt and to the point…mature(3yrs+)pit-bull’s will only see the toddler as a threat…hence…new home for the dog would be kindest option,to both child and dog…better to be safe than sorry…also the use of shock collars is in my book is totaly barbarian…

  3. Bikram rai says:

    Things do not sound so brilliant.You should find a new home for your dog.Never mix children with animals.All the tragedies you see every day are from family dogs and rarely others.You child is growing and he will roam around the house and do other things.Dog can get scared and can do lot of serious things,Do not sit and wait for some thing to happen.You can not take a chance .Do you love your child or a dog.I do not believe dogs shoold be allowed inside home.I was bitten inthe street.once inside my relative sitting with them and hardly escaped my eye.I would so do it now than late and feel sorry.Things are not getting better and he is too big dog and already aggressive.dogs are animals and will be.CHILD’S LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A DOG.

  4. ladyspinsthewind says:

    Both you and your wife need to re assert yourself as leaders of the pack and teach the dog that your baby is also higher in the ranking than him. There is a very good program on Skythree at the moment, and also a book by Caesar Milan, he shows you how to introduce new members of the pack into the household, by being calm and assertive and getting the dog into a calm state of mind before introduction.
    I think you are totally doing the wrong thing by excluding the dog in the state of mind he is, it will lead to the dog possibly attacking the child as he sees it as an outsider. He needs to be trained that the baby is part of the pak and higher ranking than he is. You will then have a dog who will be a wonderful companion for the child.

  5. fred says:

    you need a roasting tin and a choke chain or similiar & 2 people.

    put the dog in the room and tell him to stay, open the door 2 to 3 " encourage the dog to come through the door opening, as soon as the dog puts a paw into the gap to try and get out drop the chain very quickly and loudly into the roasting tin at the same time shout with a growl bahh continue to encourage the dog through the door and each time repeat the same exercise. the dog will then sit back and wont try to get out.
    remove the tin open the door and give the command stay as the dog tries to go through the door give the noise bahh. the dog will understand that it is not to go through the door until you call it. use the bahh word in all disciplinary measures as you will get the best results that way.

    ps dont let the dog see the tin or the chain.

  6. Tom G says:

    Pit bulls are renown for being aggressive and unstable. With a jealous dog and a 2 year old in the same house. And with the behaviour already displayed as aggressive, I think it would be time to get rid of the dog before he hurts the child.
    Sorry to be blunt.

  7. Amethyst1202 says:

    Your son’s safety should be your priority. If you have any concerns at all that your dog could attack your son, and by the sounds of it he is and this will escalate, then you should rehome him to somewhere there are no children. As another answer stated, this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

  8. Peter B says:

    this may be a tragedy waiting to happen. find a good home for your dog.

  9. Judith S says:

    First off,dogs do not belong in your bed. He thinks he`s
    human. He will protect you from anyone that comes near
    your bed. You taught him a very bad habit. What you can
    try is bring your child into your bed,then let the dog see
    this. When the dog tries to come up onto the bed you tell
    him NO -DOWN. Do this over and over.It takes a lot of
    work and patience. Don`t ever let the dog in the bed again.

  10. animal_artwork says:

    Get a trainer to help you with this AT your home with your entire family….


    Find the dog another home.

  11. simsterboy says:

    You are exacerbating the situation by removing the dog from the pack, he needs to learn that he is a part of the pack… the bottom part. If you dont want a situation where you can never have the dog around your wife or child then you must act to control the behaviour.

    The fact that the dog is becoming aggresive towards your wife aswell means that he sees his role as being protected by you and protecting the rest of the pack, this makes him your number 2.

    Now that his position in the pack is threatened by being removed he will attempt to re-assert his authority over the rest of the pack to secure his position.

    This dog will require training both from you and particularly from your wife. I could give you step by step advice on the training of this dog here but without being there to provide support and ongoing guidance I am not prepared to.

    It is essential that you make a decision now to either permanently seperate the dog from the rest of the family and train him to stay away from the gate or seek professional help in the form of a local dog trainer to reintegrate the dog at the appropriate level within your pack.

    personally, i recommend a couple of sessions with a trainer, if your wife is willing and capable you wont need many.

    Best of luck whatever you decide

  12. valeriedanes says:

    A young child should also learn boundaries…

    You could crate the dog during your sons free run time. Dog can be kept in family living area and not completely excluded like he is now.

    Since he’s 7 years old I would suggest he have a full vet exam to see if he’s dealing with arthritis or something that could be causing him pain when handled (possibly) inappropriately. Or consider this, what your perceive to be aggression could be typical dog behavior -the dog is merely warning the child.
    Just a thought..

  13. janet_james1948 says:

    Has he ever tried to hurt the baby? Sometimes dog are jealous of little ones. Dont keep away form you guys but keep a eye on him. He cant understand why your son can run around the house and he cant. Let him be around your son when you are there and see if that helps. Has you son hit at him or kicked at him when you havent been watching? By all means just keep a watchfull eye out but try to let him be with you all and it might help. Good lick

  14. chuckles.221983 says:

    hey man, I think that u shouldnt put him n a room
    this is probably where he gets his anger from coz ur locking him up n him being 7 years old he prob feels like the house is his territory….
    I had the same prob with our german sheppard he would only listen to my partner n be aggressive with me and my son but he is only 6 months old my son is 5…I asked on here how to make him listen to me and some one told me to put him on a leash and try n train him n it worked now he is gentle…
    but I dont and never will lock him up in a room
    Why isnt he out side, do u take him for walks??, do u have alone time with him…
    thumbs down to me but I dont believe in locking dogs up in a room

  15. Lexi says:

    we have a shock collar and when they try yo atept to go past the designated aera it will will beep then when they do cross it will shock them after a few days they won’t liked being shocked so they will stop! My dog doesn’t need the shock thing anymore because she is so used to it she is afrad to go certain place lol but it will work!!

  16. jeffery2006getrdone says:

    dude i aint a dog trainer or anything but dude be careful he might tear up your bed or something!!!!

  17. tentoes says:

    Instead of trying to keep your dog away from the "pack", why not introduce him to the new member of the "pack"?

    Shepards and Pitts are both good with kids. Sure, both will need to be supervised, but they will both need to learn respect for each other.

    This "training" should have started 2 years ago when your son was born.

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