best way to train a dog with an invisible fence?


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    5 Responses to “best way to train a dog with an invisible fence?”

    1. CRS says:

      Buy your fence from a reputable dealer and they will help you train the dog appropriately.

    2. Tiffannie A says:

      Take the dog on a walk around their "perameters" with you on the outside and the dog on a close leash right beside you on the inside. Repeat to the dog everytime the direction changes "stay in your parameters" very gently, no need to hollar. Eventually you will be able to have the dog walk beside you along the perameters without a leash. And then you will be able to remind the dog at the door to stay in your perameters…tried and true…I own alot of land and have 7 dogs! It will take 1-2 weeks depending on the intelligence of the breed! Good Luck

    3. old lady says:

      Put a marker on the ground – even a roll of crepe paper streamer will work – at the point where the invisible fence kicks in. That way the dog will find its own landmarks and know that when it passes them, it will hit that fence.
      Dogs are pretty smart if you give them half a chance to cooperate with what you want to do.

    4. miss_pc_me says:

      try a 6 foot wooden fence

    5. Pet Stop Of Charleston S.C. says:
      Use the Dealer locator to find your local dealer.
      They can provide you with the proper information based on the equipment you have and type of dog you are training.

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