Best Temporary Electric Fence for Dogs?


i have a 2 year old rottie (rott willer) idk if thts how u spell it
hes about 100 pounds less but around 100 hes only staying at my house temporarily so i need a cheap not to exspensive electric fence so he an play in my yard i have a big yard so its okay but i need it to woork but not to exspencize easy build

so can u tell me how to put it together
which would work the best how it works
send me a link
the price
where i can buy it or what website i can order it from
alsoooo i wana were it and run through it so how well would that work?
would it kill me? thats not gona stop me im an adrenilin junkie
btw im 13 so tell me how it will affect me
and everything above
thanks 🙂

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4 Responses to “Best Temporary Electric Fence for Dogs?”

  1. Carl B says:

    I spent about $300 for a invisble fence years ago.

    I had a 120 lb Lab and it did not work for him even on the setting for large dogs.

    It was my only option. My yard cannot be fenced and that story is too long to tell here.

    Be careful of what you buy because it may not work on your Rottie especially if something happens taht makes him mad. He will forget all about that fence.

    I grew up on a farm. I have watched cows walk right through a electric fence without a concern in the world. We had to train them to respect the fence and you will have to do the same with your Rottie.
    I did this with the cows by hanging a small bucket of fresh feed on the fence where I knew the cows would try to go through. Sure enough the lead cow intended to go through where I had the bucket. She stopped long enough to sniff at the bucket and zap that was all it took. None of them would even get near a single wire again. The downside was it was my favorite cow that got zapped. Had I not put the fence up she would have been killed on the highway and died a slow painful death so in this case the one little zap was the kinder thing.

    Anyhow you will need to train your dog to the fence and there should be instruction inside whatever you get as how to best do it. Me I would do a version of the food routine but DO NOT do it with the bowl you will feed him from.

    if the invisible fences have improved since I last bought one then give it a try. You will have to run a wire underground around the area you want him fenced in at. I used a lawn edgeing tool that looks like a scraper. I pushed It down in the ground about three to four inches and pushed the wire in the hole. I would move up another few inches and run it in the ground again and push more wire in. I would then close the hole by pressing it closed with my foot. I kept going until the entire property was covered. Remember that you cannot break the circuit. When I got to my driveway that was a different story. It is gravel I took a mattock and chopped my way through the gravel until it was about three or four inches deep. To protect the wire from gravel penetrating it I ran it through a 1/4 inch plastic pipe that was 10 feet long. i had to attach two of them together to get it across the driveway and then I covered it up with rock. That pipe has been there about 15 years with cars going over it almost everyday and it had not failed yet. Shame the fence itself did not work.

    After all that work was done i put small white flags up for the dog to see all around the property. This was so the dog would know the boundary. I tried training him. What happened was one day he saw a cat on the other side an ran right through the boundary without a care in the world. Once on the other side he would not come back. He would just set and look. He eventually learned that if he ran full tilt through the boundary he only got a small shock and that is what he did everyday.

    Do not let my story discourage you as it is just an example of what can go wrong. The invisible fences have probably improved sine i last bought one but to me the electric fence that works is one that is above ground. CAUTION there will be folks who will come up and touch one just so they can have the chance to sue you or collect some money off your homeowners insurance policy.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Electrical fences are mean and cruel. How woul you like to get shocked? Don’t get one and quit trying to take the easy route out.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Don’t act stupid.

  4. ۞ Eyes of a Warrior ۞ says:

    I wouldn’t get an electrical fence at all and certain not a cheap one, they are not effective and are expensive pieces of crap.

    Dogs usually learn over a period of time that if they take the shock they are able to escape the fence..and get away. So they are not good for confining dogs especially large breeds.

    They also do not keep other dogs and people from going into your yard and messing with or harming your dog. I wouldn’t waste my time with them.

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