Best fencing for keeping a dog in your yard?


I have an Austrailian Shepard, and a Mutt (Lab Mix)

4 Responses to “Best fencing for keeping a dog in your yard?”

  1. Taylor says:

    it depends if you have a toy breed a simple 4ft fence will do. if you have a large dog that is a jumper a 6ft panel (privacy) fence would be for the best. but always make sure you watch for digging. If they dig just bury the bottom portion of the fence so when they dig they cant get under it.

  2. Savas Zinon says:

    It depends what kind of dog you have. I suggest at leats 5 or 6 feet. I have a german shepherd with a 6 foot fence. and it’s keeping her in. Good Luck

  3. i <3 pups says:

    regular wooden fencing that’s over 5 ft. No electical, invisible, under&over ground fences, etc. these may all injure or harm your dog. Should have no holes, loose boards, or other things your dog could fit through.

  4. !There is no cure for Ignorance! says:

    6ft paneled fencing

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