are they going take my dog away?!?


its my boyfriends dog, and he lives by a bike trail. he keeps this dog in a little fenced in area that she can easily get out of. well last weekend she decided to jump out and attack some random runner on the trail. she didn’t bite him but she tried to. now this dog is bad. she runs off all the time. never listens to anyone, and eats and chews on everything. my bf never takes her out. she sits in that little cage all day until night where she gets brought in and goes back out again at 4am. so yesterday he get a letter from the cops saying he needs to call the number today about her attacking they guy. i would like to know what are they going do with the dog. are they going take her away or put her down of just give him a fine?
i know its his fault and i tell him all the time that he needs to walk her twice a day and that im not going to do it cuz its 100% his dog. and ne never disaplines her when she is bad which is one of the reasons she never listens
well sorry its not like i live with him. it his his god and he needs to take resposablility, i have my own pets to take care of and they are all happy and healthy. he is the one who is there all the time i have school and a job and i do let her out. he got this dog way befor we started dating so he deserves to get her taken away and i hope they do thats why im asking on here

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8 Responses to “are they going take my dog away?!?”

  1. Channel16WaitingForAction says:

    It isn’t your dog but it should be taken away. Why does he neglect his dog? (you said it "he keeps this dog in a little fenced in area"). Why did he allow his dog to become aggressive? Why didn’t he train his dog?

    So you can ask the question "are they going to take my dog away?" and then you can claim "i’m not going to do it cuz it is 100% his dog." So she is yours when it is conveniant only right? You are perfectly content allowing your lowlife boyfriend to neglect an animal? Clearly you are. That makes you worse than him because you allow it and see it and then don’t do anything about it. You deserve to sit out there from 4am on more than the dog does.

    I hope the dog is taken away and if I had things my way neither of your irresponsible and heartless people wouldn’t be allowed to own another living creature. Please, don’t have children.

  2. Chihuahua Addict R.I.P. Gigi! says:

    I think they should take her away! I can’t tell you if they will or not! feel bad for the dog, having to be stuck with an owner, that does not care anything about her! What happened, was not at all the dogs fault! It’s your boyfriends fault, because he did not bother, to take the time or the responsibility as a dog owner, to train, exercise and socialize her! It is also Animal Abuse (Cruelty) to leave her locked up in a small cage all day! Hopefully, this poor dog, will not be Euthanized because of your boyfriends Neglect and Irresponsibility, and be able to find a new home, that will love her, properly care for her, and properly train, exercise, and socialize her.
    ADD: Even if it is not your dog and you don’t live with your boyfriend, you should have reported him, if he’s not willing to train and care for this dog!
    ADD: Hi Ladybug! Zoe says Hi, and sends Love, Hugs and Kisses to you!

  3. miragodin says:

    ur dog is unhappy and bored please for your sake and hers get her a new home
    it doesnt mean you/ur bf are terrible people becaue she behaves that way its just that ur not ready to commit to a dog, which is undertandable
    and yes you will be fined, ur dog will atack again 100% and then it\ll be put down

  4. Lizzerd says:

    It is 100% you bf’s fault for not training, excercising, and socializing his dog. The poor dog is probably bored and frustrated. I hope they do take her from him, and I hope they fine him big-time. Too bad she will have to pay for your bf’s mistakes with her life.

    A dog is not an ornament to put in a cage and stare at. They need all the things mentioned above and then some…

    Way to go…another life lost due to ignorance.

    ADD: it is just as much your fault for standing by and watching him neglect that dog.

  5. moondog says:

    Isn’t your boyfriend a totally irresponsible and bad pet owner. The dog is not bad, it has a bad owner.
    They will probably fine him and tell him to build a proper enclosure for his dog that she can’t escape from.
    I wish people like your boyfriend would not get dogs. They don’t take proper care of them and don’t deserve to have a dog.
    If they do take the dog it will probably be euthanised and it will be entirely your boyfriends fault.

  6. Lady Bug. Praying for little Zoe says:

    Well the dog is acting out because he needs some working with, not in a cage all day, you can’t stick a dog in a cage not work with it and expect it to behave. If the dog dose bite someone then your BF is at fault, I can’t say if they are going to take the dogs away, if for some reason they do not then you need to look into some training for the dog or find it a home with someone that is willing to work with the dog and give it the attention a dog needs.

  7. Kip's Mom **RPSLS** says:

    I hope they do take the dog away, since your boyfriend is not cut out to be a dog owner! It will be too bad if the dog is euthanized, since it is your boyfriends fault, not the dogs. We can’t tell you what will happen, since it depends on the area you live in, and if there have been other complaints about the dog. But, if he dog is not taken away, seriously consider wither training it, or giving it up.

  8. says:

    The best thing for that dog would to be rehomed somewhere where she is going to be thoroughly looked after. Sorry but its true. It may not be your fault but your boyfriend should’ve known the price of owning a dog. Its a responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly.

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