Are the self installed electric fences truly a savings as opposed to having someone install it professionally?


I want to get an electic fence to contain our dog rather than having her hit by a passing car. I cannot get a wooden fence. Please don’t tell me how cruel this method is. I understand the pros and cons. Are they terribly hard to do? Do the stapled ones stay and keep from breaking the 18 gauge wire? Thank you for your sugggestions and help.

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4 Responses to “Are the self installed electric fences truly a savings as opposed to having someone install it professionally?”

  1. m j says:

    It is not so cruel, they just do not work for many dogs, and other dogs can come in. DO NOT think your dog is safely contained with one, she is not.

    Save your money, buy some new leashes if you can’t build a fence.

  2. Dog_trainer says:

    Are you talking about an invisible fence with an underground wire where the dog wears a shock collar or the real electric fences like they use for cattle? Either one is cheaper to install yourself. Check your local zoning laws – where I live, you can’t put in a fence that could zap kids even tho it’s a mild shock. Any shock hurts less than getting hit by a car. And it is much better than chaining the dog to a tree – that is what I consider real cruelty.

    I prefer real, solid fences for many reasons which you may or may not have considered. An invisible fence requires a lot of training time on your part to keep the dog from bolting across the wire when he sees something – then he can’t come home. Also, there is nothing to prevent a stray dog from coming on to your property and attacking your dogs. Also, in many states there is an "attractive nuisance" law – suppose your dogs are loose in your yard and being good. But some little kid seems them and comes into your yard to pet them. If they knock the child down and injure him or bite him – YOU could be liable.

  3. guitar_freak514 says:

    if your dog is calmer & usually comes when called, (not like my Jack Russel Terrier) then a self installed one is fine

    if your dog doesn’t come when called and isn’t great at other listening stuff, i’d probably say get someone to do it right just incase

  4. lolipoplili says:

    It somewhat depends on the dog, but in general it’s worth the extra cost to have a company do it. When they do it, they help train the dog to use the fence properly, where if you do it yourself the training is all up to you. If you have a very trainable dog, or have experience training it can be done.

    My brother installed one himself and had some difficulty with interference from underground wires and such. The installation itself was somewhat time consuming, but not unreasonable for the savings.

    Just something else to check into – some cities that have a leash law (which usually states something to the fact that your dog must be physically contained and under you direct control) don’t acknowledge the "invisible" fences as following the law.

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